Even Mexican beer can be a liberal weapon

Every time I turn on the boob-tube there comes an eventual invasion (of my personal space) of Mexican beer commercials. The frequency and intensity of the message of these commercials is stronger than ever. The message is, ‘Mexicans are wonderful, hard working, family oriented people.’ I have no problem with that message. I am married to an Ivy-League educated, hard working Hispanic woman; a wonderful mom and wife, a patriotic American, and a kind, decent person. Subsequently, my daughter is 50% Hispanic, and I love her 100%!

But the problem is the covert subliminal message, possibly not sent by the beer company, but utilized by the secular-progressive-left for power/political purposes. For the liberal will not differentiate the real angst of the American citizen concerned with our porous border, and the economic burden placed on them by millions of ‘illegal aliens.’ Let’s not forget increased crime (face facts; not all illegals are cut from the same clothe as the Hispanic image on a Modelo commercial; some are gang members (MS13), some are human traffickers, some are drug cartel members, and not all of them are from Mexico, with many coming from other Central and South American countries–or from elsewhere?). And let’s not forget Sanctuary Cities, and drivers licenses given out like a bag of free candy. Next will be voter rights for a new (illegal) population owned and manipulated by the Democratic party.

Obviously, my beef is not with Mexican beer (though I prefer Stella!; and we, as of yet, do not have a Belgian immigration crisis in America). My beef is with the proliferation of the message of ‘wonderfulness’ (yes, I made that up) of the Mexican man. Ironically, Hollywood chooses to release an FX show ‘the Mayans,’ about a ruthless Mexican motorcycle gang, during the current invasion of Mexican beer mini-sagas. But then again, any way they can romance the American public through imagery, even violent imagery, will suffice for the far left fascist radical.

I suppose if Mexicans had a large car manufacturing company we would be drowned with their commercials.

Demographic imagery is another powerful tool of the left (not to deny that the right uses it too). Most commercials, especially from major companies, display an American representative population dominated by minorities and women. Everyone should have a piece of the American pie! But sometimes the overkill-inclusivity of advertisers is nauseating.

I imagine that I will offend more than a few people. After all, it is 2018, and evolved people move with the herd! But we still, relatively, have free speech. And racism does not involve a hard to swallow opinion; rather, it involves across the board hatred and rejection of a certain group of people.

What I reject is the liberal manipulation of the goodness in Hispanics to perpetuate the crime of illegal border crossings. My problem is not with Hispanics, or Mexican beer, my problem is with lawlessness, and the debauchery of Democratic manipulation of illegals for political gain.

P.S. You should buy American anyway. But, unlike many South American countries, America is the land of the free, so swig down a Modelo if that is what makes your boat float.

Please feel free to comment. Your opinion will only enrich the conversation.

God bless.

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