The tyranny of progressive freedom

Progressive freedom is an oxy-moron. Progressive freedom is built upon relativism which unhinges liberty from reality. Therefore, in its various expressions someone is bound to be hurt. This sort of ‘freedom’ is built on slavery for another human being. By necessity!

‘Women’s reproductive rights’ is a phrase which conjures up the image of unshackled womanhood in the face of oppressive patriarchy. This is the hogwash used by the left to convince women to enslave their progeny–real human persons–to a cruel and premature death. These so called ‘rights’ also enslave the woman herself to years of unrelenting guilt; that is, of course, if she is given room to listen to her God given conscience in the maelstrom of ‘support’ she will receive from happy feminists. Linked to these ‘rights’ is the contraceptive mentality which allows the woman freedom to be used as a sexual toy by a man, or multiple men. Obviously, liberal freedom is the right to debase yourself.

For every LGBTQ ‘marriage’ there is a corresponding offense to the traditional Christian. For every transgender surgery there is another victim of perverted pop psychology. For every law which mandates service to these temporal ceremonies there is oppression against the divinely inspired religious person. Every man free to pee in a woman’s bathroom pees on the sanctity of sanity. Every public showing of homosexuality attacks the freedom of heterosexuals everywhere.

Socialism is the freedom to steal from the rich, gifted, creative, and hard working. Socialism is the freedom to live lazily from the tit of mama government. Socialism is the freedom of the progressive rich to steal from the conservative rich. Socialism is the legal arm of anti-Christianity, anti-Constitutionality, anti-family values, and a band of inalienable rights given by God. Funny, but socialism, that romanticized ‘religion’ is the greatest thief of human rights in all of human history. Like its big brother, Communism, socialism is the revenge of the formerly oppressed used as an axe to the head of the purported oppressors.  In the current brand of Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and their demo-cohorts, the purported oppressor is the white man, particularly if you are Judeo-Christian and a gun owner.

The new freedom of speech is nothing more than a dragnet for political correctness. Anything expressed from conservatism or Christianity is deemed as white supremacy or hate speech.  Our new free society is full of television networks, magazines, and pop shows aimed at ramming progressive propaganda, and its associated lifestyles, down our collective throats.

Internationally, the Pope, the U.N., and the international network of ass-backward European countries try with all their (lack of) might to force America into a quasi-European mediocrity. This is done by robbing us the right to defend our borders, speak honestly about Islamic Radicalism, decry the culture of death, or reject their religion of socialism. For these tyrants, religious freedom is a sham; for them, national sovereignty is pure xenophobia; for them, the 2nd amendment is a threat.

I could go on and on, but you catch my drift. Real freedom comes from objective truth which allows people the freedom to know what, exactly, they are doing in their individual acts, and who they may be hurting in this expression of liberty. Real freedom doesn’t lessen responsibility–like women’s reproductive rights–but increases the responsibility of the free human person.

Progressive freedom, therefore, is nothing more than tyranny.

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