Luther and Obama

Separated by 500+ years, and an ocean, these men are spiritually united in their quest to ‘fundamentally change’ their society.  They are also united in an anarchist, progressive animus for tradition which wells up from an internal avarice built through years of preparation. Both men are plagued with huge egos. Both men are cursed with a gift for religiosity which is artfully used to seduce the reader, or listener, into social action against the ruling class. Both men reaped benefits earned through the radical actions of immature college students and greedy ‘Soros like’ business men. Both men exploited youthful anger and progressive greed to their own successes. Both men burned goodness, beauty, and truth in the hope of an utterly unattainable utopian society.

Luther, like Obama, opened Pandora’s Box to a new and unruly world of relativism, individualism, and destructive public creativity, through the tearing down of tradition. Through heresy both men built a false reality for followers eager to find a temporal savior. Both men attacked genuine Christianity. Both men appealed to a singular constituency–for Obama, minorities and far left radicals; for Luther, Germans. Both men demonized a straw man. For Luther, the Pope was the Anti-Christ; for Obama, the white man was the evil monopoly man.

Obama desecrated the right to life by proliferating abortions–funded by tax payer money, even overseas. Luther desecrated the sacramental system and the Scriptural authority through ultimate ‘freedom’ in personal interpretation. Obama mocked the consecrated life by forcing nuns to pay for contraception. Luther mocked the same through the devaluation of the priesthood and the papacy. Both men rationalized sin into a normal and healthy act. Both men caused revolution; Obama caused class and race warfare; Luther caused the usual, historical Germanic uprising.

But, truth be told, both men were excommunicated. Obama, figuratively, through the election of Donald Trump, and Luther, literally. Both men have places reserved for them in hell. Both men, loved by radicals, are loathed by men and women of common sense and decency. Both men, champions of compassion and mercy, through their non-compassionate and merciless acts, are guilty of heresy and sedition. Both men have left a mess of society which decent people are burdened to clean up as their left over acolytes fight to continue the decay in the name of compassion, inclusiveness, and freedom.

Both men deserve our scorn. Ultimately, God, in His infinite Wisdom, will judge them.  In the meantime all people of good will and sound reason must reject their messages. In the meantime all people of faith, hope, and charity must fight the remnant horde. Objective truth must prevail.

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