The devil and the progressive revolutionary

It all began in the garden.

God’s society, the garden of Eden, was never good enough for the serpent. He wanted ‘fundamental change’ based on a perverted view of human desire (hedonism and utilitarianism) and free will (licentiousness). The serpent, moreover, wanted a redistribution of God’s wealth, not content with God’s free charity, demanding a socialist butchery of God’s omnipotence, with a large dose for himself, and a smitten to the new human proletariat (Adam and Eve).

Likewise, following centuries of social upheavals, led by ‘enlightened’ socialists and anarchists (see the tower of Babel, the murmuring in the desert, etc.), a new anti-hero emerged within Holy Mother Church. Martin Luther, son of a domineering coal miner, student of populist Germans, spiritual heir to quasi-humanist rabble-rousers and power hungry Duke’s, turned a tower defecation into a ‘Reformation’ of the one true faith. For Luther had shit his way into a lie. From a clumsy ’95 theses on a wall,’ this self-centered German formed a farce theology from polemical anger.

His legacy has formed the individualistic, relativistic, Protestantism of our day. Born of this is the progressive political party. For Luther, his antagonist was the Pope, and Catholic doctrine. For the progressive it is the American patriot and traditional family values. For both Luther and the progressive, stemming from their patronage in the serpent, it is an antagonism of the basic demands (and truth) of seminal Judeo-Christianity. In other words, literally flowing from the side of Christ.

For the devil, and the progressive, like Luther, is in the details…and the piercing lance.

For Christ, and traditional Judeo-Christianity, reveal the utter necessity of the Cross, and the salvation found in the Eucharist. Christ also reveals, through Cross and sacrament, the grace to follow, and the need to heed His morality. He also offers confession, mercy, penance, and transformation. But the rebel, whether café catholic or atheist materialist secularist progressive, denies the Cross as necessity, unless of course the patriot, the conservative, or the pious is nailed to it! He, or she, also denies the real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. For a real presence would establish a real morality. And the rebel progressive would have nothing of that. In its place instead is relativism, individualism, the culture of death, scientism, and the new holy trinity in socialism, technology, and radical environmentalism.

The serpent desired slave peasants drunk on their own debauchery. Luther wanted an army of minions in conformity with his self-deification. And the modern progressive, like Luther, deluded into thinking that they are a prophet of human salvation in socialism, science, and technology, want a herd of uninformed sheep.

Protestantism, and progressivism, therefore, is the antithesis of objective truth, true salvific progress, and social ethical order stemming from objective personal morality.

It is the seed of the serpent, the song of the Luther-an, and the poison of the progressive anarchist. It is anti-Christ in nature and must inevitably be eradicated.

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