Democratic sexual cockroach-ery

The American Democratic party has given us many gifts.

But the greatest gift the demo’s have given us is sexual perversion. From conception, the Democrats have destroyed the link between sexuality and life. Conception, the grace of human love producing life, has been destroyed by the lust of the democrats. Contraception, contra to conception, is the demo’s reaction to parental responsibility connected to mindless groin grinding.

Continuing with the idea of the gift of life, Democrats have championed eugenics–to include killing granny and grandpa, no longer deemed socially useful, and sexually licentious, enough.  Abortion is, therefore, another manifestation of the human mind unlinked from the complete picture of human sexuality.  Grinding their groins mindlessly, demo’s cowardly kill the fruit of their loins.

LGBTQ should be a code for blatant disrespect for tradition, natural law, and common sense, not to mention common manners. Legalized, publicized, and legislated homosexuality is an aberration on the grand scale. Not only is Mother Nature, and Mother Church, spit upon, but human decency is  mocked through politically correct sodomy and lesbian oral gratification. Continuing on the same road of perdition, and spiritual defecation, transgenderism is the demo’s molestation of mentally vulnerable (and ill) individuals, all in the name of fundamental changing of America through the insanity of gender neutrality.

Democrats give the gift that keeps on giving. Through the Hollywood sexualization of our prepubescent children, and the demolition of traditional family values, demo’s have turned sex into a freak show contest where the winner is the one who can act the most like a circus monkey in heat. This has been manifest in numerous children (of the corn) of democratic legislative hierarchies, mostly located in urban areas, becoming democratic politicians, and sexual deviants. Proof is in the numerous accusations hurled at them by their past victims.

Cleverly, the democrats have effectively portrayed the Judeo-Christian Republican white man (usually an NRA member), as the sexual deviant. They portray, moreover, Christianity as the aberration, at odds with normal expression of human sexuality. Democrats, however, are the obstacles to the normal expression of human sexuality. For the thwarting of conception, baby killing, man on man, girl on girl sexuality, if the man is really still a man, are all expressions of humans ‘gone wild.’

So rejoice normal person, for every time a Democrat is exposed for exposing him or herself, for acting lewdly against the people that they hypocritically champion (women, children, the vulnerable, etc.), rejoice in the public revelation of their diabolical debauchery.

Grab some popcorn. I will.

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