Our era of horrible leaders

Ours is an era of horrible leaders.

Gone are the days where leaders, whether religious or political held to tried and true traditions; now, rather, leaders of both disciplines are slaves of the pop culture and students of relativism. No longer is their integrity measured by adherence to religious and patriotic principles; rather, they are driven by ideologues which are meant to destroy tradition, institutions, and culture in general, particularly Judeo-Christian culture.

Barack Obama is a study in polished anarchism. A radical bomb throwing lefty, Obama destroyed America in a cesspool of soft and seemingly compassionate sloganism. His inclusiveness included governmental blessing for any and all groups that wished to topple the apple cart otherwise known as traditional family values, Constitutional Americanism, and national patriotism. A community organizer by nature, funded by Chicago café Catholics, and the George Soros type, Obama fundamentally changed America for the worse.

Pope Francis is a study in the fallability of the human person falsely placed as Vicar of Christ. A socialist by nature, and a progressive by lifestyle, Francis is a purely earthly Pope. Salvation for Francis is in social activism, climate change activism, and living the false humility of a pompous liberal. Francis, the antithesis of two previous popes will go down in history, like Obama, as an aberration.

The United Nations is about dividing nations. It is an organization which proliferates the ‘culture of death.’  It is an organization where terrorists get to lobby for more terrorism. It is an organization hell bent on weakening American sovereignty, and hell bent on stealing American money. In effect, it is an organized crime family, international in nature.

Chuck Schumer is the icon of American Democratic politics. An apostate Jew, radical homosexual, illegal immigrant advocate, Radical Islam apologist,  and anti-American, this bomb throwing metrosexual is the face of the far left, out of touch Democratic party. Joined by Pelosi, and Biden, and Warren, and a crew of lunatics, wierdos, and losers, this clan of inbreds has shaped American culture for the worse.

The USCCB is by and large an abysmal failure. For far too long liberal bishops, effeminate men in fruity garb, have espoused progressive ideology in the face of Traditional Catholicism.  Immigration, climate change, and monetary support for ‘Catholic’ organizations in cohoots with Democrats, are some of the accomplishments of this crew of apostate clergymen.

The main stream media, and the pop culture, to include much of public education and higher education, have been leading our youth, and our not so young and clueless citizenry, over the proverbial cliff through lies, distortions,  propaganda, and perversion. American education, journalism, and entertainment has, in large part, become the servant of the devil.

Let’s not forget the world influence of Radical Islam, quasi-communist Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China–not to mention dictatorships in South America and Africa. All these human cancers have corresponding horrible leaders. From Putin, to Jung-un, the Iranian Mullah’s, to Chinese communists, our world is infested with leaders with bad intent.

Finally, ours is an era of utter corrupt personalities. Hillary Clinton reaches new lows in scum-doggery. Our Congress is full of sexual assualters. Our sports world is full of spoiled malcontents, and women beaters. Our news media is full of liars.

In effect, our world, like the proverbial asylum, is run by the lunatics. When will we start to retake control?

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