The party of sin, particularly sloth and deception

Mornings are a strong dose of coffee and deception. Caffeine and the propaganda of the main stream media seem to go together. For an all too discouraged, skeptical, and worn out public seems to flock to the sound-bytes and slogans of the far left. Racial division, class warfare, climate change, socialism, redistribution of wealth, and the persecution of illegal (illegal) immigrants and Moslems, labeling all opponents with all sorts of ‘phobias,’ summon the zombie march of irrational, over-emotional, and hate fueled ‘progressives’, particularly in large urban areas governed by the dumb-ass-donkey-Democratic party.

Furthermore, this is fueled by perverted religion.

In most major cities, particularly in California and the Northwest, in the upper North, and on the eastern sea board, cafeteria Catholicism is a powerful vehicle for the progressive ideology. The USCCB, along with multiple dioceses, aided by ‘Catholic’ newspapers and websites, funded by far left radicals through pseudo-charitable Catholic organizations,  have taken on the message and mission of the Democratic party.

This party message runs contrary to Traditional Catholicism.

This is the party which funds and protects the culture of death. This is the party of unnatural and sacrilegious marriages. This is the party of socialism, big government, entitlements, regulatory overload, big taxes, and the chipping away at religious freedom. This is also the party of sloth. The Democrats, served and worshipped by café Catholics, are the party of legalized marijuana, entitlements, Sanctuary Cities, the emptying of prisons, and the building of an era of youthful irresponsibility through the debacle otherwise known as ‘higher education.’

This is a party which celebrates transgenderism but mocks Christian piety. This is a party which seeks rights for illegals while stripping faithful citizens of their own. This is a party which hates its own nation while worshipping foreign gods. This is a party, the white constituency, which self loathes, and seeks to kiss every minority and indigenous ass!

This is the party of social chaos, racial division, gender wars, constantly bashing Christianity while sticking its head up its own ass in ignoring the Radical and deadly elements of Islam. This a party of slogans, and emotional outbursts, preying on the dumb and uninformed, void of any rational arguments. This is a party endorsed by Pope Francis, and filled with hypocrites and apostates such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. This is the party of white male hatred. Not the party of white supremacy, it is the party of legislatively forced white subservience.  This is the party which hates Sacred Scripture, the Constitution, natural law, and common sense.

This is the party of mob rule…or pure democracy.

Democrats are the leaders of voter fraud. They disdain voter ID cards. They bully through the lies and distortions of multiple mainstream media networks. They glorify transgenderism, socialist dictators, domestic terror groups (Antifa), the crooked United Nations, and an heretical Pope.  They preach the virtues of climate change and the culture of death all in the same breath. Birthing a generation of progressives, from the mucky University liberal incubators, they are joining the ranks of ‘forgiven’ felons, illegal aliens, and social miscreants to continue the Obama promise of fundamentally changing America.

Ultimately, the Democratic party is the party of sin. Particularly the sins of sloth and deception. The sooner we realize this the sooner we can excise this national malignancy.


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