Pseudo Catholicism and Trumps nuclear bomb

EWTN News Nightly reported on the Democratic parties concern over Donald Trump’s capability of launching a nuclear weapon against North Korea. EWTN, like a good minion of the liberal left (yes, I am accusing EWTN of joining the Pope Francis brigade!) reported that Pope Francis is against the use of nuclear weapons, and that the Just War theory doesn’t condone their use either.  What EWTN failed to do, as all knee jerk progressive  journalists do, is to give a one sided presentation. What is America to do if it has credible information about an immanent North Korean launch of a nuclear missile aimed at mainland U.S.A.? With a weapon such as a nuclear missile, capable of saving American lives, is it better not to launch a protective strike, or to save North Korean innocents while millions of Americans die?

Both EWTN and the Pope live in an abstract theological bubble.

While wimpy Catholics romanticize the warm and fuzz socialist Vicar, the Pope plans a major summit with leading European medical associations concerning the topic of euthanasia. Not surprisingly, this summit is a closed event to the public. What is troubling is that pseudo-Pope Francis has invited proponents of euthanasia, and the European representatives of Planned Parenthood. Like the ‘Synod on the Family,’ and the failed abortion entitled ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ this summit is probably a staging of new heterodoxy.

False Catholic Joe Biden bloviated last night on the pseudo-Catholic ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’ Biden bloviated in front of a packed house full of heathens, cafeteria Catholics, abortionists, LGBTQ-WTFers, socialists, miscreants, and, basically, the Children of the Corn, otherwise known as the Democratic party. Biden stirred the audience with crass comments concerning Donald Trump, calling Trump’s Presidency a singular bad episode in American history. Biden forgets the eight years suffered by patriotic, Pro-Life, and Constitutional conservative Americans, at the hands of the worst American President Barry Hussein Obama.

But then again this is the era of terrible leaders. Look at the anarchist Obama. Look at the anti-Christ Francis. Look at the NFL destroying Roger Goodell. Look at Putin, at the chia pet in North Korea, and almost every national leader in South (Socialist) America.  It almost seems as if God is taking a nap. For, certainly, the USCCB, and the Vatican–to include tricky Francis–is taking a crap. But we have some consolation from Cardinal Raymond Burke. In an interview with Catholic World Report, Cardinal Burke explained the theological justification for criticizing the Pope via Galatians 2:11, and reminded the faithful that if, and when, a Pope proposes a heresy ex-Cathedra, he is no longer the Pope.

Let’s hope crazy Francis is feeling frisky during this apostate summit…a classic example of Catholic addition by subtraction!

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