No balls Catholicism

In a recent interview Cardinal Muller defended Pope Francis from accusations that the Pope was a heretic. Muller’s defense of the Pope regurgitated relativism in its defense of controversial statements from Amoris Laetitia (chapter 8).

Muller stated: “One may only speak about heresy when a Catholic insistently denies a revealed doctrine that has been presented by the Church in a binding way. Popes and bishops thus would then be heretical if they present to the faithful who have been entrusted to them a highly authoritative teaching which directly and obviously contradicts the Word of God in Holy Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition and the heretofore presented dogmatic decisions of the ecumenical councils or of the popes as the supreme teachers of Christianity. That is, without any doubt, not the case with the few passages of the post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia that have been interpreted in a controversial way. That is what I have tried to show in detail by making use of the binding principles of interpretation of magisterial texts. It can be found in a all-encompassing introduction to a book written by Rocco Buttiglione: Riposte amichevoli ai critici di Amoris Laetitia. “

Cowardice, Cardinal style, hides behind ‘interpretations.’ But Catholicism, with balls, never hides, finding the Truth even when it hurts. And it really hurts. For Pope Francis has not only written ambiguously, but he has also encouraged  heterodoxy Universally. Now, brave Catholics see a Wizard of Oz Pope in Francis. He sits on the chair of mercy, but he dispenses progressive, socialist propaganda which negates the need for God’s Mercy.

That is the greatest heresy of them all!

When Francis glorifies the ‘love’ within illicit unions (adultery/ remarriage, gay unions, etc.) he denies the sinfulness of these unions. When he denies the sinfulness of these unions, he negates the real necessity of God’s merciful forgiveness. This is heretical, non-Catholic, and diabolical. He has shown this time and again in his renegade Synod on the Family, in his progressive diatribe Amoris Laetitita, in his (almost) hidden letter to the Argentinian bishops, and in his many impromptu interviews with the mainstream media, leading atheists, and leading pro-choice representatives.

Now there is a segment of us, to include a group of Cardinals, bishops, and theologians, that see the duck (walk, quack, etc.) in the quacking Francis. And we have no bones about calling him to the carpet. But, then, there are those mushy, squishy, ball-less Catholics that insist that ‘the Pope can’t be wrong since he is the Pope.’ What!?

A little history lesson (and logic lesson) here. Judas was an apostle picked by Christ. Being picked by Christ doesn’t mean that you are personally infallible. Peter, another Christ appointed Apostle, though dying faithful in martyrdom, denied Christ three times! We have had bad Popes before. Philanderers, felons, and phonies. But no heretical doctrine has been passed (remember Jesus’ ‘gates of hell shall never prevail’ thingy?). Furthermore, testicle-less Catholics, papal infallibility does not extend to the Pope’s real personal opinions. Moreover, shockingly, Pope Francis was NOT born in a manger in Bethlehem.

Logic tells us that if person X tells us that 2+2=5, they are wrong even if they have magisterial authority conferred through ordination. Therefore, when Pope Francis speaks heretically about divorce, remarriage, the Eucharist, and a whole slew of other progressive junk, he is dead wrong.

If it walks like a heretic, and quacks like a heretic, it is a heretic.

Grow some balls.

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