The day Pope Francis dishonored St. Pope John Paul II

German philosopher George Spaemann was intuitive in his analysis of Pope Francis’ worldly and political motives during the canonization ceremony of St. Pope John Paul II. Spaemann considered it ‘manipulative’ that Francis canonized St Pope John XXIII on the same day.

Spaemann added: ‘It is already apparent that Francis views his predecessor Pope John Paul II from a critical distance when he canonized him together with John XXIII, even though the second required miracle was not attributed to the latter.’ Spaemann continued, ‘It seemed as if the Pope wanted to relativize the importance of John Paul II.’     

To compound the disrespect, Francis disrespected not only the legacy of John Paul II, but the honor and Catholic heroism of the Polish people during JPII’s pontificate. For, Fr. Raymond de Souza stated, ‘If ever there was a contemporary Cause that deserved, as it were, a solo canonization, it was that of John Paul, perhaps the most consequential historical figure of our time. Had Providence brought the two Causes to maturity at the same time, that would be one thing, but it was altogether different to waive the requirements for John XXIII in order, it appeared, to diminish or to balance out the attention given to John Paul.’     

To add insult to injury, Francis conducted an uninspiring ceremony in which he spoke very little of John Paul II, and absolutely nothing about the Polish people. Fr. de Souza added, ‘It was conducted in such an understated fashion as to come off rather flat, despite the enormous number of bishops who came from all over the world, Pope Francis said next to nothing about John Paul, and nothing about Poland at all, despite the immense number of Poles in Rome.’

Proof is in the pudding. Francis manipulated a sacred ceremony to advance his progressive agenda, all the while disrespecting the Great Saint of orthodoxy. Francis, moreover, manipulated, like a Machiavellian, the canonization process so as to add artificial balance to the natural fullness of a solo John Paul II canonization. Francis disrespected the Polish people, moreover, because they are a foreign entity to the South American socialist mentality he espouses. The Polish people, with their devout orthodox Roman Catholic faith represent the ultimate obstacle to Francis’ wish to create a Universal Socialist Catholic Church.

My suggestion is when, and it is hopefully inevitable, Francis steps down, or is dragged down kicking and screaming, Catholics burn his encyclicals, banish his gay mafia, clip the wings of his liberal Cardinals, and hold a solemn day of celebration for the Papacy of St. John Paul II–and maybe give thanks and appreciation to B16.

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