The New Universal Socialist Catholic Church

Pope Francis is the poster boy for the ‘blind leading the blind’ over the proverbial cliff.

In 2013 Pope Francis celebrated a Mass on the Italian island of Lampedusa. This southern island is the aimed for landing point of illegal immigrants from Africa. It is also a path through treacherous Mediterranean waters which has led to the death of over 6,000 people between 1994 and 2012. Italian politicians warned Francis not to encourage more migratory deaths. But he preached the glory of migration nonetheless!

This is the head of the body of the New Universal Socialist Catholic Church.

His new view of ‘social justice’ runs roughshod over centuries of genuine ‘Catholic Social Teaching.’ Francis’ new message is condemnation for evangelizing missionary work. He sees this as violence against indigenous people. But what he sees as heroic, and necessary, is the radical progressive social justice (of radical secularism) as taught by the prophetic United Nations.  Social Justice aimed at redistribution of wealth, and a borderless one world nation governed by a ‘stronger and more efficiently organized international institution…’

In this new church the Pope no longer aligns himself with fellow faithful Christians. He, rather, throws them to the lions. The very same lions he claims as allies. There is no greater proof then his questioning of Donald Trump’s Christianity (related to building a border wall), while chumming with Fidel Castro without a whisper of a question of the terrible dictators anti-Christian activity.

Furthermore, Francis, and his new church,  is more interested in hugging a tree than saving souls. Environmentalism trumps the right to life. Climate change trumps abortion. Encouraging illegal immigration trumps contraception, gay ‘marriage,’ and adulterers receiving the Eucharist. Politics and ecology trump virtue and sanctity.

The Pope of this potpourri of relativistic heresy, the new church made in ‘the image and likeness’ of Marx, Bergoglio, and Obama, also denies the Creator in favor of the theory of diabolical accident. Pope Francis espouses Teilhard de Chardin, and the Darwinian theory, and considers him ‘an impeccable orthodox source. Simultaneously, he shoots down any suggestion of ‘Intelligent Design.’

Under the Pope’s quasi-spiritual leadership the new Church denies the miracles of Christ. In Jesus’ multiplying of the loaves and fish, Pope Francis suggests it was not magic but the spirit fervent sharing that led to an overabundance of food. One wonders what other miracles he denies (Resurrection, Real Presence?, etc.).

Finally, and tragically, the new church under Pope Francis’ direction is a bastion of progressive relativism. For instance, Pope Francis encouraged contraception use for mothers with the Zika Virus. Not only did it lead to the slippery slope (why then not for AIDS, Hep. B, etc.?), but it opened the door (along with his situation ethics as seen during the Synod on the Family) to the relativistic ‘death from a thousand cuts’ of Traditional Catholic Morality–as related to intrinsic evil.

This church is ‘inclusive, multicultural, politically correct, relativistic, socialist, and warm and fuzzy.’

It is also the church that leads to the road to perdition.

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