Sarcasm for sappy Catholic spiritualists

It’s amazing how so many Catholics are spiritually sappy.

When someone speaks of the proverbial quacking duck (Pope Francis), these sap-meister’s try to take some sort of imaginary high road and denounce ‘ad hominem’ attacks against (incorrectly understood) the infallible Pope.  Truth be told, Pope Francis has proven to be an extremely fallible man. And this does not tarnish the truth of Papal Infallability–correctly understood–it, rather, reveals Pope Francis as a borderline heretic, and many Catholics as too cowardly to criticize him.

When Pope Francis panders to the Vatican’s gay mafia, the cowardly Catholic hides behind barricades fearful of the ‘politically correct’ moniker of homophobia. When Pope Francis romances the Eucharist and adulterers, the cowardly Catholic does not raise their voice, but ‘offers prayers’ for his conversion.

The cowardly Catholic thinks, ‘ How can I criticize the Pope?

The Vicar of Christ!

But the Vicar of Christ isn’t supposed to be a blatant socialist, radical environmentalist, in cahoots with situation ethicists, socialists, radical feminists, radical homosexuals, anti-Catholic progressives, liberation theologians and social anarchists. Moreover, the  Pope isn’t supposed to be openly antagonistic toward conservative Catholics, God fearing biblical Evangelists, and patriotic Americans who are concerned with national security. And even to a greater degree the Pope’s infallibility does not extend to pseudo-climate change expertise, anti-capitalism economics, and the re-formation of the United Nations.

But sappy Catholic spiritualists, too cowardly to see the quacking duck, claim that Pope Francis is misinterpreted (in his own words, acts, and encyclicals?), and is merely a simple, humble, holy man.

Simple? Hardly! This man has a history of Communist sympathy, persecution (downright bullying) of conservatives, quotes which support situation ethics, and a Jesuit community and archdiocese in Buenos Aires in spiritual and ethical ruins.

Humble? Hardly! Many a Argentine theologian and journalist reveal incident after incident in which Pope Francis (formerly Jorge Bergoglio) displayed micro-management , bullying, and down right liberal politic-ing. Not to mention a showy false humility which seeks attention and applause.

Holy? How can he be holy when he is trying to dismantle the edifice of traditional Catholic morality through the progressive battering ram called situation ethics. Holy men do not speak of God as an endorser of intrinsic evil in certain situations. Holy men do not water down the detrimental social and familial effect of adultery, divorce, and the normalization of homosexual ‘marriage.’ Holy men do not appoint Cardinals who espouse the same.

And real Catholic do not remain silent…offering only ‘prayers’ for his conversion.

Obviously, heresy and cowardice go hand in hand.

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