Objective proof that Pope Francis is a liar

Let’s start by saying that Pope Francis is a student, product, and proponent of both ‘Jesuitical situation ethics’ and (pop) modern psychology. Pope Francis, therefore, is a champion of both relativism and modernism–anathematized by numerous previous Popes.  Proof of his ‘situational ethics’ is in is heretical insinuations in Amoris Laetitia, and in his many impromptu conversations with journalists, which paint Catholic morality with an opaqueness that leads to acceptance of divorcees to the Eucharist and to the lauding of gay marriage. Francis’ devotion to pop psychology (over Catholic sacraments and spirituality) is exemplified by his advice to anxious priests. “Go to a doctor who will give you a pill for your nerves.”

Relativism is Pope Francis’ new fundamental theology. Black and white are no longer the colors of virtue and vice, intrinsic evil and heroic charity–which overcomes temptations to intrinsic evil. Now everything is happy and gay and so very gray! ” We need to truly understand this: in life not all is black on white or white on black. No! The shades of grey prevail in life. We must teach them to discern in this grey area.”   

Yes, adults know the gray of struggle in complex situations. Yet faithful Catholics also know the true black and white Will of God to follow His Commandments against human weakness (the fall, concupiscence, etc.) and the temptation to embrace the gray as a relativistic, rationalizing progressive like Francis.

Pope Francis is also a proponent of ambiguity, and a dark child of Machiavellianism. He paints things opaque so as to sow seeds of doubt so that millions of Catholics will embrace licentiousness in the hope that a large majority of Catholics will enforce a perverted sort of ‘sensus fidelium.’ He is Machiavellian in the many reports of his shrewd use of pseudo-humility to seduce the masses.

Listen to the people of Argentina. Pro-family activists in Buenos Aires were shut down by Archbishop Bergoglio (Pope Francis), while Francis presided at ‘tango’ and ‘Pinocchio’ masses. Look it up! While he silenced Pro-Lifers, then Archbishop Bergoglio permitted a homosexual couple to adopt a child.

But the cries of sexual abuse victims went unheard! Therefore, Pope Francis is a liar, first and foremost. Between 1950 and 2013, an estimated 100 priests in Buenos Aires sexually offended children.  Yet Bergoglio stayed silent. No documents, no names released, no new diocesan policies, and NO APOLOGY! Yet, in his book ‘On Heaven and Earth,’ Pope Francis proudly lauded the fact that he presided over a diocese that had no involvement with priestly sexual abuse.

Now, either this man is a buffoon or a liar.

But what Jorge fought tooth and nail in Buenos Aires  was Catholic Conservatism and the Latin  Mass. For him these were the black and white on par with priestly sexual abuse! So, prior to him becoming Pope, Jorge, now Francis, left a path of destruction in his wake. Silenced pro-lifers and sexual assault victims in Buenos Aires, and a Argentinian Jesuit Society reeling in progressive chaos (before becoming Archbishop of Buenos Aires he was Provincial of the Jesuits in Argentina).

And now with his Machiavellian tactics–lies, ambiguity, pseudo-poverty, etc.–he plans the same destruction of the Catholic Church worldwide.

2 thoughts on “Objective proof that Pope Francis is a liar”

  1. You should instead pray for our Pope, over being so uncharateble towards him. He is no John Paul or Benedict XVI, however lets pray hard for him instead of ragging him.
    He is a product of that South American Theology that’s almost Communistic.


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