Sinners don’t need a promiscuous Pope

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sinner. And the worst thing a sinner can have in his, or her, life is an enabler. Especially a royally appointed enabler. And Pope Francis is such a person.

Marriage is tough enough. Just ask my wife! For 26 years we have struggled but have kept ourselves together through what I think is real love–not fleeting romance, or infatuation, or anything faddish, but just genuine real care for the other person…mixed in with a little like and a little need. But Francis has opened the door to massive easy-annulments. He has opened the door to divorced and remarried Catholics receiving what should be kept solely for those of us who are in sanctifying grace–the Eucharist. This grace (sanctifying) is bestowed upon repentant sinners willing to try, with all their weak human hearts, to live as God wills, not as the pop culture dictates.

Heterosexuality is God’s design. Just witness it in nature. Or what we used to call, in saner days, natural law. But those Catholics with a homosexual inclination are tempted not by the devil, but by Pope Francis himself! Francis, and his probably gay Cardinal minions (Italian, German, and blond Northern European types) have insinuated through an abortion of an encyclical, Amoris Laetitia,  that God endorses gay unions which are lived in a ‘spirit’ of charity.

Millions of Americans wake up each and every day to an honest days work in hopes of making ends meet. Leftists, socialists, and anarchists make this goal harder every day through race baiting, propaganda, and the  machinations of the devil’s party, the Democratic party. Pope Francis adds to this burden by condemning the free market in preference for good old fashioned socialism as practiced in his motherland South America.

When conservative/traditional Catholics team up  with Evangelicals to defend traditional family values, the Pro-Life movement, the Constitution, and American patriotism, Pope Francis and his petty bunch of liberal party poopers poop on the American parade and disparage conservative Catholicism. Francis would rather see America with open borders, daily annulments, socialism, no defensive weaponry, and a Catholic Church made up of, primarily, relativistic liberal types.

Francis is a child of South America–socialism. He is a child of the 60’s–kumbaya mercy without the balls to have equal justice. He is a child of progressivism–open borders, a polyphony of ‘marriage’ unions, and an attack on national patriotism and the right to self defense.

But worst of all, Pope Francis wears the outfit of the Shepherd of sinners. He dresses the part as the Vicar of Christ. But he is not the strength and grace in-persona which helps sinners to conversion and virtue, but a chubby puppet of both the world and the Father of Lies.

He is a snare for the sinner. He is quicksand for the unsure.

He has a millstone awaiting him!

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