Riding out Irma with faith and doubt

I am currently writing this message to whomever might be intrigued by a fool who is riding out  Hurricane Irma from his own house. Circumstances (work, pets) and stubborn pride are the reason I am in my little fort ready to fight Mama’ natures big beast. I am not alone, however, as I have neighbors all along my road riding it out too.

First, we need your prayers.

Second, we might need your support after the storm.

Truthfully, we are a people with a mix of faith and doubt, courage and fear. We hate the storm, but we love SW Florida.  We love God’s Created beauty in Florida, but fear the devastating power of Mama Nature when she is agitated. We are just people in the mix of a natural disaster.

Hopefully these words won’t be my final goodbye. Hopefully this will be a memory with some spiritual worth for the future. But prior to ‘the eye of the storm’s’ approach I would like to say I love you to my family and friends.

God bless and protect SW Florida. Have mercy on us! May this storm, and the storm in Houston wake Americans up the fragility of life and the necessary power of unity.

God bless!


Published by: Thomas Yanoti MTS

I am a graduate of Ave Maria University--the Institute for Pastoral Theology (IPT), with a Master of Theological Studies degree (MTS). I love Theology. I love the Church. I love the Sacraments, particularly the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the Most Blessed Sacrament--the Eucharist. I love them most because they bring me closer to the Mercy of Jesus. I also love His Truth...found in His Church's Teaching and in Sacred Scripture. I hope to share this Treasure Chest of Wisdom, and learn from the people of God I encounter in this blog. For in each of us is the Holy Spirit of God, and each of us brings Jesus to each other in our shared faith, hope, and charity.

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