When weak leaders meet bad people

This, like every era, is an era of bad guys. Radical Islam, Antifa, MS-13, Chicago street gangs, White Supremacists, Black Lives Matter, and rogue nations like Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.

But this is also an era of weak leadership.

Oil and water don’t mix. Strong leadership and bad guys don’t mix. Yet, unfortunately, this is an era of progressivism, socialism, relativism, technological overreliance, spiritual apathy, intellectual mediocrity, rampant demagoguery, physical wimpy-ness, and ethical indifference. This is an era of wimpy leaders, carrying the fluffy banner of political correctness, inclusiveness, saccharine slogan-ism, and exemplifying the new idolatry of false humanism based on eugenic utilitarianism, hedonism, materialism, and evolutionary fatalism.

The leaders most guilty of this false religion are Pope Francis, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, the main stream media, American pop culture, and the Catholic bishop conferences of Europe and the United States.

While illegal aliens (not undocumented immigrants–too classy for law breakers) flood our borders, witnessing the simultaneous carnage of European cities by illegal alien terrorists, rapists, and iconoclasts, Pope Francis bashes Donald Trump (and ‘conservative’ Catholics) for speaking of a border wall and enforcing existing  immigration laws. Meanwhile, Pope Francis has a nice sturdy wall all around the Vatican. Likewise, is partner in crime, Barack Obama, wrote an Executive Order (DACA), which basically exonerated a new generation of illegal aliens–to include human traffickers, MS-13, and persons with multiple felonies. The USCCB basically endorsed Sanctuary Cities, promoting a vague, weak, call to embrace the  alien with God’s Mercy. How about God’s Justice for victims of illegal alien crime?

Moreover, as Radical Islam rapes, beheads, vandalizes, kills, performs genocide, and lays waste to European city after city, the Pope, the former President, the main stream media, and the insane, inane pop culture rail against Islam-o-phobia. Crimes against women, gays, children, and other Moslems, normally a super-duper no-no for liberals are brushed aside in the name of Islam, ‘the religion of love.’ And let’s not forget, as the main stream media, and the American pop culture has, that Radical Islam, particularly Isis, has perpetrated a genocide against Middle Eastern Christianity. Aided by Obama–overtly–and resisted by the Pope and the Western bishop’s conferences–weakly and poorly.

We still have a Francis, but now we have a Trump. Someone with a lack of couth. But someone with grapefruit sized balls! He may lack tact, but he certainly is oil to the thug/terrorist/ rogue nation’s water.  But what does he get from the main stream media, pop culture, and the Pope? He gets hell.

But, then again, wimps would rather be bullied in the status quo than to support a bullies nemesis in a man that is ready rock n roll with whatever it takes to take them down. This begs the question, are you a wimp, or will you support whatever it takes to take down these monsters?

Comments, questions? tranz4mation@comcast.net

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