‘Preacher’ and the acceptance of Jesus mockery

Last night I was reminded of the runaway train our society has become. While watching AMC’s ‘Preacher,’ admittedly a wild, unruly, but otherwise entertaining TV show, I was jolted back into the reality of our relativistic, anti-Judeo-Christian, boundary-less society.

I was both angered, and saddened.

Last night’s episode began with a man and a woman having wild, loud, and steamy sex. The woman complimented the man, and the man warned the woman to keep this episode a public secret. Then someone knocked at the door and there stood 12 men who asked ‘Jesus’ what he was doing. Jesus told them that the near naked woman needed ‘healing,’ and the woman played along and gave up a weak cough.

So let’s rewind this. Jesus is a ‘fornicator,’ a liar, and a charlatan. There’s no shock here that Hollywood is made up of, mostly, unbelievers and scoffers. But I would bet my last wooden nickel that Hollywood would not display ‘the prophet’ Mohammed in the same way, or the ‘mystical’ Buddha, or any other significant religious figure– other than one of Christianity.

Similarly, last week, I rented what I thought would be an innocuous comedy video named ‘Fist Fight.’ But, once again, the Hollywood people know no boundaries. In an otherwise crappy film one of the main characters, a High School teacher, obsessed about having sex with an under-aged student, actually two–twins. Not only is this not funny, but it is disgusting. Just be a parent of a high school student to understand.

Some people would appropriately blame me for searching for entertainment in the ‘trash’ bin of pop culture. Guilty as charged. But aside from my own irresponsible search for ‘fun,’ there is the sad truth of our society.

Boundaries are being obliterated.

There is a ‘no holds barred’ mentality in our society concerning Traditional Christianity, traditional family values, and American patriotism. The Bible, the Eucharist, and the Constitution have become targets for obliteration through a slow, insidious, attack on their objectivity. Political Correctness, accepted by cafeteria Christianity, and sheepish Americanism, has replaced borders with shackles of quasi-truth which has become the new gospel of inclusiveness, genderless-ness,  and secularist-materialist-hedonist postmodern techno infantilism.

I am so angry, yet also so sad. I will never watch ‘Preacher’ again, and I hope that they have a ratings dump. But of more importance, I want to go to Sunday Mass with more fervor than ever. The place of the real Presence of Jesus.

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