Crappy homiletics born of secularized Catholicism

A few weeks ago I attended a midweek morning Mass . The priest, a friendly and generous man, gave a homily which reflected Jesus’ teaching concerning Peter’s finding of the taxation coin found in the fishes mouth (as predicted, and directed toward, by Jesus).  From Jesus’ sacred words the priest surmised a message of unconditional acceptance of aliens without respect for the law, for criminality, and for the many aliens who enter our nation legally, respectfully, humbly, and patriotically.

This priest, correctly, spoke of God’s unconditional love for every man, woman, and child, from conception to natural death, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, or abilities. He spoke of the love, compassion, and mercy which every Christian is baptized into and confirmed by the Holy Spirit in Confirmation, and Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

But he forgot one thing.

Equal parts Justice.

For where there is no Justice there is no peace, no love, no truth, and no genuine acceptance of the so called ‘alien.’ To accept one ‘alien’ unconditionally while hurting another person in the process is to make the injured person into an alien. We alienate our own citizens when we endanger them with an influx of MS-13, drug cartel members, human traffickers, and possible (Syrian) Islamic terrorists. We alienate our own citizens when we place large amounts of uneducated, untrained, unskilled, non-English speaking immigrants on the welfare dole, increasing the economic burden of American citizens.

This does not sound very Jesus like.

But a Pollyanna, Saccharine sermon with a lot of unconditional kumbaya-ing always wows a secularized, politically correct, beaten down, Catholic-Lite crowd.

And it starts at the top.

Pope Francis is the 21st century prophet of borderless communities. He also is the Pope of the consequences of this madness in near countless  acts of terror enacted by ‘undocumented immigrants. His hand selected Cardinals, clerical birds of the liberal variety–pushing for contraception, abortion, and the Eucharist for adultery–are his ‘host’ army of alien invasion specialists.

Many European and American (USCCB included) bishops conferences support this madness. And they are buttressed politically by secularists, socialists, atheists, and progressive anarchists.

Just as Jesus died for the salvation of ‘many’ (but not all, since free will can choose for hell), the Church should support many but not all ‘aliens.’ And priests should  remember that Jesus spoke of giving to God what is for God, and giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Meaning that Just laws must be followed.

And Just laws protect the many.

Likewise, the Church, at least the conservative side, see the wisdom in the Just War Theory. In our case, this means that protecting our border, insisting–through law enforcement–that immigrants be documented (and accepted), and having a say in who comes and goes, is not only legal, but ethical.

Not to mention sane.

So next time a well meaning priest babbles unconditionally about the need for all inclusive immigration, remind him that Unconditional Truth has conditions. Covenants do. Commandments do. Life does. And so should his homily.

Agree? Disagree? Questions?

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