Judas the liberal, betrayer of Truth

Judas Iscariot must have been a precursor, a prototype, an archetype, of the liberal idiocy threatening American, and western cultural, life today.

For Truth, good old fashioned objectivity, has never before received such constant betrayal as it receives, in popular culture, academia,  and the main stream media, particularly in modern American culture today.

Judas kissed Truth Incarnate in order to turn Him over for the purpose of extermination. Much of our cultural liberal elite do the same through ‘education,’ propaganda, entertainment, and attacks on organized religion, Constitutional rights, and traditional family values.

‘Life’ is the first truth under attack. Planned Parenthood, federally funded, has killed at a faster rate than any ‘National Socialist’ atrocity. Euthanasia is slower, yet insidiously steady, in its national growth. Contraception underlies and supports this demonic edifice.

‘Education,’ and not just from nutty college professors, but from elementary and middle school public educators, has taught children about the naturalness of transgenderism, masturbation, contraception, and abortion. University ‘education’ has indoctrinated our youth into lies such as socialism, radicalism, and relativism.

‘In God we trust’ has been replaced by ‘in government we enforce.’ Radical secularism, radical homosexuality, and radical (technologically induced) indifferentism have nudged God from the conscious life of the American societal landscape.

Natural law has been replaced by unnatural laws. Once the dominion of the ‘culture of death,’ American apostasy has moved onto transgenderism and gender fluidity in its suicidal sexual absurdities.

The family, once the bedrock of the solid American society, has been chiseled away at, in a once covert, now overt, manner. Divorce on demand, cohabitation, abortion on demand, contraception, gay adoptions, and the constant attack on traditional values and Judeo-Christianity have undermined this vital foundational American institution. Entitlements, furthermore, have been a boon for the anti-family liberal, as the state has become nanny and teet.

Judas sold Truth for thirty pieces of silver.  Today’s liberal Judas has sold Truth for U.N. global progressive acceptance.  God’s Truth has been sold for scientism, relativism, skepticism, socialism, communism, and insidious radical secularist atheism.

Sounds like the same scoundrel who seduced Judas seduces still the same.


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