Political Correctness fatigue syndrome

I was taking a walk with a family member recently when I opened up, in honesty, about my frustration with Spanish speaking Americans who refuse to speak, or learn, English. In defense, I am married (25 years) to a Cuban woman and voted for Ted Cruz. I am hardly an anti-Hispanic hater. Just the mention of this topic caused my fellow exerciser to shut me down by stating that ‘I will not walk with you if you continue this conversation.’ I came face to face with the ugly power of political correctness to shut down honest and spontaneous conversation.

At my place of employment the computer system does not allow for visits to ‘organized religion.’ In other words, Catholicism is off limits in the public square. This troubles me as the availability of all kinds of secular anti-Catholic sites are available in this PC cultural surrounding. Furthermore, in a setting where religion and politics are off limit, life takes on a superficial milk toast feeling. Honesty is replaced by a superficial politeness which is cold as ice and down to the bone impersonal.

Recently, Hillary, of the infamous Clinton clan, proudly displayed her ‘dirty woman’ t-shirt in support of Planned Parenthood. Forgive me if it is not ‘dirty woman,’ since I tend to forget utterly stupid statements, often from this thankfully failed politician. What I am driving at is the viral attacks on people who display and support Pro-Life. As evidenced by recent attacks on conservatives on college campuses, ‘dirty women’ are more politically correct, and socially acceptable than the ‘clean’ and decent alternative. How sad it is when it is politically correct to identify women (potential mothers) with baby killing.

Say something about Donald Trump and you are a concerned citizen. Criticize Barack Obama and you are a racist. Ditto for criticism of the LGBTQ or trans-gender conundrum. Ditto if you criticize illegal criminal immigration and Radical murderous Islam. But criticize traditional Catholicism with a crayon, misspelling every word, and you will win the Pulitzer prize!

TV, internet, movies, magazines, and newspapers are assault weapons for the political correct fascist. Hollywood, the main stream lie media, and the pop culture in general are the minions of fad and fashion, all chained to political correct expression. Consequently, America is a louder, more boisterous society, but also a more bland, dishonest, and less compassionate society. Not to forget a nation that does not think or debate any more.

It’s time for a change! Aren’t you tired of all this PC crap?

Let me know: tranz4mation@comcast.net

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