Mother Church…mutha state

Hans Urs Von Balthasar spoke of a archetypal unity between mother and child. A unity which precedes any rational contemplation, relying on an intuition based on love. A love which the child senses long before he, or she, reasons to the already present reality. This archetypal unity also occurs in the baptized Catholic within holy Mother Church. Baptized, we grow to be confirmed in a childhood which understands, and freely gives our acquiescence to God’s Truth.

But another pseudo-motherhood battles for our child like dependence. Opposed to the child like necessity which Jesus describes in the gospel, this pseudo-childlike-docility is meant to enthrall, enslave, and own the soul of the human person in question. The Catholic Church is a Mother seeking to sanctify the child. The progressive State is a mutha seeking to enslave a minion.

The Church offers grace for virtue in lieu of the Cross. No easy reality to accept. The State offers lies and ‘free stuff’ in lieu of a thoughtless support, and vote, all for the purpose of perpetuating control. The Church offers Truth in order that the human person becomes truly free in freely chosen virtue and charity. The State offers entitlements, abortions, contraception, and utopian false ideology, in order that the once truly free human person becomes dependent on the State’s utilitarian purposes for them.

Holy Mother Church is a safe space within the sacraments and the saints which encourages self-sacrifice and responsibility in truth. The State offers safe spaces from truth in order to perpetuate lies based on class and racial warfare. Holy Mother Church nourishes the soul on 7 sacraments, which center on the Eucharist, the Real Presence of the Self-Giving Love of God in Jesus Christ. The State offers a diabolical parody of sacraments in Planned Parenthood, welfare, socialism, and a politics of revenge and hate based on economics and race.

For a Catholic–apart from the cafeteria type–Mother’s Day is a day of archetypal celebration. It is a thankful celebration of the gift of life, the gift of freely given love, and the gift of an embracing space within a sometimes cold world. For the atheist-secularist, the radical progressive, and the subsequent cafeteria Catholic, Mother’s Day is a celebration of the ambiguity of the meaning and value of life, the whimsical joy of free stuff, and the cowardly hiding within the ‘safe space’ of the denial of the challenges of embracing the truth on truth’s terms.

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