Hey Catholic! Support your President

During the Republican primaries I was the most anti-Trump citizen this side of the Rio Grande. But when Trump beat out my choice–Ted Cruz–I came to a fast realization that he was a much better choice than Hillary Clinton. Since then, I have come to realize that Donald Trump is sincerely attempting to fulfill his campaign promises, sincerely attempting to govern our nation from a center-Right perspective.

With his Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, increased enforcement of the law (concerning illegal immigrants and our border), and his executive orders which are friendly to religious freedom, Catholics (at least not cafeteria catholics) need to back the President in order to protect marriage, family, religious freedom, and the security of the country which we love.

Catholicism, after all, is the religion of truth. And truth is something the Democratic party has broken from in a swift, violent manner. Our only hope for the protection of religious freedom, traditional family values, and the moral and ethical future of our children–when you consider education, media, pop culture, and the world–is the flourishing of a political party which supports true freedom–allowing for a certain level of subsidiarity–as opposed to rampant socialism–and a certain level of social freedom for the living out of a Judeo-Christian life.

Fighting Trump for callous, immature Tweets, while ignoring the substantial good that he has done is to support the anarchist left wing. Sure, our President needs to clean up his social expression. But to ignore all that his administration is doing for our economy, the Supreme Court, the border, crime, and with religious freedom,  is to complain about a cheap paint job on a highly reliable car.

Sure, Donald is very rough around the edges. But weren’t the 11 fishermen who became the apostles cut from the the very same cloth? I’m not saying that Trump is an apostle! I’m just saying that he may just be an instrument of good for the gospel.

Let me know what you think.

Contact me at: tranz4mation@comcast.net

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