Measuring liberal priorities

Only in America can the asshole lead the head in vital affairs. This bass-ackwards process is known as politics. In sphincter-first-affairs, the Democratic party is the primary principle of ‘pseudo-pragmatic’ absurdity.

This absurdity manifests itself in some of their priorities:

Killing unborn babies are preferred to the inconvenience immature, selfish women (and their boorish male mates) have to endure in bringing the most precious gift to life in the world in a newborn baby.

Protecting illegal aliens (from foreign countries) are preferred to protecting American citizens–those of us who pay taxes, follow laws, vote, and participate in a nation we helped to form through the blood and sacrifice of our families.

Protecting the rights of mentally imbalanced adults, men who think they are women, and vice versa, in allowing them to urinate and defecate in public restrooms of the opposite (and real) sex–possibly in the sight of children–instead of protecting the rights of mentally healthy Americans who have a right to a restroom experience without sexual exploitation.

Protecting the rights of same sex ‘marriage’ while denigrating the centuries long religious, ethnic, and national matrimonial traditions set up and based on their faith experience, natural law, and common sense, which see marriage between a man and a woman, and leading to the natural procreation of children.

Promoting ‘racial harmony’ and ‘social justice’ through demagoguery and professionally perpetrated race baiting.

Promoting Islam–while denigrating Judeo-Christianity–while, ironically, ignoring the killing of gays, Christians, women, and dissenters, which runs opposite of every liberal tendency.

Seeking a more efficient,  pragmatic, utopian, secular society through the always failing socialistic system. Big government, entitlements, massive taxes, and overbearing regulations serve to bring about a more, inclusive, compassionate, egalitarian society. Huh?

Building a peace keeping coalition of worldwide nations through disrespect of allies and wimpy appeasement of tyrants, dictators, Communist governments, and Radical Islamic Mullah’s.

Building the trust of the nation through the fake news media, the far left leaning Hollywierd, and the obfuscations of the blowhard Democratic Senators and Congressman.

Making marijuana legal while trying to make gun ownership illegal. After all, it’s better to be high before you’re robbed, raped and murdered, while being unable to protect yourself.

Going to Church on Sunday while legislating for ‘the culture of death’ on Monday.

Robbing money from the VA while funding Planned Parenthood.

I could go on and on, but I have better things to do. After all, I am a Republican.

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