Liberal Catholics, illegal aliens, and the devil’s work

Local Catholic priests in the Diocese of Venice, in Florida, have voiced their concern over increased ICE activity in light of lessened turnout at diocesan food pantries in what they believe to be the increased fear of illegal aliens in gathering in large public groups. In a trend not surprising, considering the liberal leaning history of the Diocese of Venice, Catholic priests–no doubt encouraged by the Bishop–unwittingly do the work of the devil.

In protecting illegal aliens (no mention will be given to the liberal gibberish known as ‘undocumental immigrants’) the Catholic clergy is supporting the breaking of currently existing laws, defending lawless Sanctuary Cities,  all intended to build up the entitlement culture of the Democratic party, ultimately increasing Democrat voters.

The very same voters that support ‘the culture of death,’ gay marriage, transgenderism, radical secularism, and a post-Christian America where Radical Islam, illegal immigration, and Euro-Marxist ideology outweigh the Constitution, Judeo-Christian Tradition, and the morality and social ethics of our parents and grandparents.

This is not just a local trend. Under the Quasi-Marxist Pope Francis, the USCCB is a safe haven for all too much liberal ideology. This is highlighted in the progressive Social Justice ideology preached in our nations churches masquerading as Catholic Social Teaching. This, however, resembles, less, Pope Leo XIII, and, more, Saul Alinsky and Barack Hussein Obama.

Sadly, history will prove that an unfortunate large majority of the United States Catholic clergy will wind up on the wrong side of Jesus Christ. The side implied in the gospel reserved for the goats and the darnel. The side of relativism, political correctness, the culture of death, socialism, transgenderism, radical homosexuality, radical feminism, and the destruction of both the family and the Church.

Maybe the greatest conversion needed in our Church is the conversion of our liberal priests and bishops…not to mention the religious. Maybe Catholics need to get off of their comfortably fat butts and demand that the Church get out of the devils work!

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