75 reasons why liberals need a labotomy

  1. Transgenderism
  2. Sanctuary Cities
  3. Socialism
  4. Nancy Pelosi
  6. Planned Parenthood
  7. Tax payer contraception
  8. Metrosexuality
  9. MSNBC
  10. 8 years of Obama
  11. Joe Biden
  12. Anthony Weiner…and his weiner
  13. Beyoncé, Jay Zee and Fidel Castro
  14. Political Correctness
  15. Gun free zones
  16. University safe zones
  17. Snow flakes
  18. Chuck Schumer
  19. Relativism
  20. HHS mandate
  21. Obamacare
  22. Peta
  23. Code Pink
  24. Rosie O’Donnell
  25. Hollywood
  26. California
  27. Legalized marijuana
  28. Entitlements
  29. Black Lives Matter
  30. CNN
  31. Bo Bergdahl
  32. Embracing Radical Islam
  33. Eugenics
  34. Attacks on free speech
  35. Attacks on the 2nd Amendment
  36. Black Panther Party
  37. Elijah Cummings
  38. Common Core
  39. Economic redistribution
  40. Radical feminism
  41. ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, ETC.
  42. Infatuation with Europe
  43. Open border policies
  44. Women’s reproductive rights
  45. NSA overreach
  46. Judicial Fascism
  47. Rachel Maddow
  48. The View
  49. European football in America
  50. Man buns
  51. Skinny jeans
  52. Lady Gaga
  53. (Don’t) ASK!…(Don’t) TELL!
  54. Ellen DeGeneres
  55. Oprah Winfrey
  56. 20 Trillion dollar debt (with the help of RINO’S)
  57. Wacko Universities
  58. San Francisco
  59. Seattle
  60. Manhattan
  61. Time magazine
  62. Steven Colbert
  63. A kinder, gentler NFL
  64. The pop culture’s depiction of the white man as a buffoon
  65. Cafeteria Catholics
  66. Pope Francis
  67. Did I already say California?
  68. Democratic politicians
  69. New York Times
  70. The de-masculinization of the American man
  71. Rap Music
  72. Inner City crime…especially in Chicago
  73. ACLU
  74. Colin Kaepernick
  75. Washington D.C.

Published by: Thomas Yanoti MTS

I am a graduate of Ave Maria University--the Institute for Pastoral Theology (IPT), with a Master of Theological Studies degree (MTS). I love Theology. I love the Church. I love the Sacraments, particularly the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the Most Blessed Sacrament--the Eucharist. I love them most because they bring me closer to the Mercy of Jesus. I also love His Truth...found in His Church's Teaching and in Sacred Scripture. I hope to share this Treasure Chest of Wisdom, and learn from the people of God I encounter in this blog. For in each of us is the Holy Spirit of God, and each of us brings Jesus to each other in our shared faith, hope, and charity.

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