Despicable you

High brow people will dismiss this topic with an ‘ad hominem’ critique. Frustrated people, honest, and effected by the monsters that inhabit Washington D.C., however, will not be offended. Diplomacy, patience, bargaining, compromising and treating the enemy as a human person are things of a by gone era where Democrats were Americans, and Democratic Americans were human beings. Now they are unrecognizable monsters, hell bent on the destruction of sane human beings, and human sanity all together!

White men beware! Racists who will label you racist are working to eradicate your masculinity, dignity, and rights. Democrats, to include metrosexual men ever accepting of the new quasi-Democrat-masculinity are working to rewrite history, destroy the Judeo-Christian view of the man, and strip the Constitution of any semblance of our Founding Fathers.

In the new progressive America, transgender men invade women’s public restrooms in order to express their new found femininity through pro-choice urination.

In the new progressive America, dead beat dads wimp away from fatherhood through the scourge of the Planned Parenthood scalpel.

In the new progressive America, men marry men in a legal ceremony which apes real marriage.

In the new progressive America, men do not bear arms which protect family and property, basically handing over their manly, God given, role to the government.

In the new progressive America, young boys are riddled with Ritalin so that they can be trained in the fine art of publically educated metro-sexuality.

In the new progressive America, boys will not be boys, because they are too busy playing with their I-phones, video games, in their parents basement, nursed from the tit of government health care.

In the new progressive America, American men no longer guard our nation from invaders. Now, led on a leash by the progressive elite, the bow in PC cowardice to Radical Islam and illegal immigration.

Testicles, as high as Mount Everest, are currently being burned by the fascist left. Radical feminists are dancing around the ‘great balls of fire.’ LGBT’ers are rewriting the Psychology textbooks, and public education curriculum, through the haze of smoke found in the former organs of testosterone driven American courage.  Heck! this saves Isis a lot of work! Since it’s easier to behead the infidel when he is neutered. Heck! Putin loves a ball-less America. And so do the Chinese and the North Koreans, not to forget the Iranians.

But where can we find the defenders of the cohones? The government? Rino’s already run through the corridors of Congress sans any semblance of balls. The military? More and more ball-less Obama recruits–when you can ‘tell’ after you have been ‘asked’–infiltrate our  ranks every day.

No, it is up to every day American men to pee standing up!

We must revolt against the queer progressive nation. We must bear arms, and bear traditional male behavior, even if it offends a dude with a man bun in skinny jeans. We must drag out the quasi-man when he attempts to pee in the girls room! We must vote out the masculine pretender from office. We must reverse the social order and shoot our guns, eat our red meat, go to our church, watch American football–with actual tacking included, remain patriotic, and punch a few radical noses in the process.

In the end, we must defend our balls.

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