Ridding ourselves of societal cancer

Time to offend!

It is time to get rid of illegal aliens. Period. Illegal is illegal. And too many felonies are committed against American citizens. Too much tax payer dollars are doled out to entitle foreigners with  no respect for our laws. It’s time that they go home and reapply for citizenship just like our ancestors did. The legal way!

It’s time we eradicate  Radical Islam from the face of the earth…before the liberals make the U.S.A. into Europe–a fiscal mess overridden by Moslem lunatics.

It’s time we quit all TV watching involving the American SS propaganda machine (the alphabet soup mainstream media–ABC, NBC, CBS CNN, MSNBC, PBS, etc.). It’s time we give them the finger…and I don’t mean the thumbs up!

It’s time we wipe out the Democratic party by shrinking them into oblivion through the voter booth. It’s time to kill Political Correctness, relativism, socialism, radicalism, and elitist lunacy!

It’s time we smothered the ‘culture of death’ through the ruthless tough love overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Being patient with the process is being compliant with millions of unborn murder victims. It’s time we smash them in the social and political nose and use our bully pulpit and seize the right to life as if we really mean it.

It’s time we stop scape-goating Russia and start calling our national Satan by its proper name. The Democratic party! Liberals are far more dangerous than Radical Islam, Russia, China, and North Korea added together, squared! Those other entities kill us directly, overtly, and can be dealt with through embargos, diplomacy, and bombs. But liberals kill us like a cancer. They kill our faith, our family, our traditions, our rights, our children’s future, our safety, and our social sanity.

There is a ‘time and a season’ for compassion and inclusiveness. And there is equal time for war. Now is the time for war. We know our enemies–inspired by principalities and powers–and it is time to eradicate them.

Our nations future depends on our patriotic duty to extend tough love!

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