Discerning progressive diarrhea

Once upon a time, an apple was just an apple…

Then came the machinations of the far left liberal movement in Europe, and then in North America. Truth was kidnapped, raped, and impregnated with alien, nonsensical, irrational, illogical, and downright perverted motives. Not that this is new to history (to include salvation history). Sin has always been sin–even though (post) modern psychology, and the powerful propaganda of the entertainment, media, and academia elites deny its existence. Furthermore, the devil has always been the devil–even though CNN reports that the devil is found solely in Russian-American collusion.

What has changed is the American conscience.

Watered down by relativism and political correctness (drubbed into our psyche 24/7 through TV, movies, magazines, music, the Internet, primary/secondary, University education, the mainstream media, progressive clergy, crappy catechesis, and lukewarm parents), America has become (comfortably) numb to truth in Natural Law, Sacred Scripture, and Judeo-Christian Tradition, not to forget traditional middle American values.

This has caused a firestorm of abnormalities, and absurdities, on a daily basis right in our own backyard.

Time magazine proudly announced a new generation which will discern the true meaning of gender. Apples can become oranges if they only wish it!

Black Lives Matter, in a purported fight against injustice, denounces any efforts to proclaim that all lives matter. Evidently human rights have become exclusive to vengeful minority groups without humane reciprocation.

Immigrants, to include the illegal and the terrorist, receive more respect and Judicial consideration than ordinary American citizens (Republican, middle class, rural, suburban, white (?). Subsequently, death and crime are the expected new import of the American immigrant class–at least for the above named ‘deplorables.’

Unborn babies have gone the way of the unicorn. No sane person believes in the mythical unicorn. No conventional liberal believes  that life (human life) begins at conception.  Ultimately, abortion becomes ordinary tissue disposal.

High taxes, low morals, a promiscuous pop culture, the romancing of illegals and terrorists, secular education without both faith and reason, and a government more concerned with endangered spiders than endangered Americans has caused a social, racial, socioeconomic divide cultivated to collapse the former great American nation. Soros, Obama and Clinton are only the spearhead of the devil’s attack. The family, the Church, and the nation are its intended victim. Death will not come by a superior force of strength or thought. It will come from decay.

It will come from the Chinese water torture of daily progressive diarrhea.

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