Liars, lunatics, and liberals

Sometimes I just want to strangle a liberal.

I know, that’s not good Christianity, not politically correct, not reconciliatory in nature. But sometimes I feel the need to cleanse our nation of the vermin who contaminate our schools, our government, our churches, and our neighborhoods.

Sometimes I want to bitch slap a fool who encourages confused men to use the women’s bathroom.

Sometimes I want to bitch slap a fool who rips unborn babies limb from limb.

Sometimes I want to bitch slap a creep who stokes the fires of racial division.

Sometimes I want to  bludgeon a jackass who supports Sanctuary Cities for illegal immigrant felons.

Sometimes I want to ‘Three Stooges’ slap a Cretan who offers ‘morning after’ pills to 14 year old girls without parental notification.

Sometimes I want to uppercut the Adams Apple of some liberal Judge who cares more about a potential terrorist than an average American citizen.

Sometimes I want to  wheelhouse kick Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the whole cast of clowns and buffoons in the Obstruction Party–formerly known as the Democratic Party.

Sometimes I pray for a Typhoon to destroy parts of California and New York, particularly where the mainstream media, propaganda machine presides.

Sometimes I want to drop a big bag of shit over what some call Hollywood, but others realize as a giant sewer.

Sometimes I realize how much of a fool I am for letting such lowlifes get me angry.

Sometimes I don’t give a rats ass!

Today is a rat ass of a day!

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