Why ‘liberals’ are America’s number one enemy

Many a well meaning person will name Radical Islam, Russia, North Korea, and China as America’s number one existential threat–to our national security and traditional, patriotic, and Constitutional stability, not to mention our unquestionable Judeo-Christian foundation.

But that would be thinking within the confines of political correctness and popular social mores. For the greatest threat to American freedom, ‘American exceptionalism’ itself, comes from within like a ravaging cancer.

And that cancer is liberalism.

For liberalism is a self-loathing, self-ravaging malignancy of the mind, heart and spirit. Liberalism is self guilt through a viewing of ‘American exceptionalism’ through a lens separated from the reality of original sin. It is a utopian mirage which denies American greatness through the paper tiger heroism of Marxism, secularism, socialism, technology, relativism, in the ideologies of the gods and divas they incarnate.

Liberalism, by nature, Is anti-Judeo-Christian. By necessity, it is anti-transcendent/objective truth. It is anti-Scripture married to Tradition. It is anti-natural law. It is the king and queen of pseudo science–where unborn children are mere masses of tissue; where changes in temperature are manufactured into an irrefutable theory of green energy totalitarianism; where gender is fluent; marriage is a game; religion is the personal psychology of choice; and racial harmony is built upon revenge politics.

Liberalism shackles national defense.  In its innate self loathing, the illegal alien and Radical Moslem has more right to life than an unborn baby, a conservative, or a ‘rust belt’ white man. Allies such as Israel, England, and Japan are disrespected in favor of  Islamic regimes which perpetrate genital mutilation upon women, the murder of gays, and the genocide of Judeo-Christianity.

Liberalism shackles national spiritual health in morality and ethics. In the self-ravaging practice of relativistic political correctness, the confused and mentally injured transgender person has more rights than the sane person who recognizes reality for what it truly is…reality! Liberalism goes against religion, natural law, and the science of reproduction in its utter decimation of marriage. Liberalism destroys the very fabric of a healthy society, the family, with divorce on demand, abortion on demand, contraception on demand, relativistic ideology on demand (in public schools, pop culture, the main stream media, and the vast majority of American Universities. )

Liberalism despises true freedom. It allows mind numbing legal marijuana, but despises life saving Second Amendment rights. It allows Sanctuary Cities, but despises the proper vetting of mass immigration, to include illegal immigration. It honors promiscuity, divorce, and radicalism of all sorts, but openly mocks Christian sanctity, traditional patriotism, and reasoned philosophical thinking (the kind that openly refutes liberal lies).

Liberalism thrives on a, sort of, constant Marxist unrest. Thus the constant racial division stoked by professional race baiters. Liberalism thrives on racial turmoil, gender animosity, and sexual, societal deconstruction.

Liberalism sees itself as the utopian secular answer to all of humanities perennial problems. Government is god and religion is the great Satan. Entitlements are the manna from heaven. Tolerance, through propaganda and social blacklisting, is the new ‘good news.’ Life begins at the conception of liberal enlightenment, and ends at the unnatural termination of ones usefulness to the cause.  Life’s meaning is found in whatever the individual god decides it to be–coerced, obviously, the un-holy spirit  of the current communion of secular saints.

But anyone with half a brain, a whole lot of balls, and a pinch of faith sees right through this farce. So, even when we legitimately fear the terrorist, the communist, the totalitarian regime, and the illegal alien criminal, we must first fear the wacked out liberal in our own back yard.

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