Why ‘Allahu Akbar’ is the new ‘Heil Hitler’

It is very common in America today to practice a popular, University ingrained, relativism which equates all religion, whether Judeo Christian or Islamic, with the major cause of violence in the world. But this is an absolute denial of the truth as we witness it on a daily basis–as witnessed today in Berlin, Turkey, and Switzerland.

While Isis, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and all sorts of ‘lone wolves’ cover the global landscape with  terror (rape, genital mutilations, beheadings, desecration of religious sites not their own, bombings, mass shootings, and truck-run-overs), liberals, and covert Islamic groups such as CAIR, give cover fire through political correctness run amok, and accusations of the dreaded ‘Islamophobic’ moniker.

Well, any educated, and honest, American must admit of the sanity of being ‘Islamophobic.’

For Islam is the new, and demonically devolved, Nazi Fascism.

Like Nazi Fascism, Radical Islam (but really true Islam if you understand the Koran) is constantly working toward world domination. Like carpenter ants, Radical Islam can be exterminated temporarily, but it will always come back to ‘bug’ the world with terrorism and Sharia Law. In reality, the moderate Moslem is nothing more but a marginal Moslem, somewhat like a cafeteria liberal Catholic.

Catholic in name only.

For to understand the Koran, and the history of the false prophet Mohammed, is to understand the constant insanity of ‘such a merciful religion.’

First the Koran.

The Moslems, to their embarrassment, must admit of a quirk in their theology.  You see, the ‘prophet’ Mohammed first experienced revelations from a merciful, tolerant God…much like his competitors the Jews and the Christians. But when he was rejected by the locals he ‘abrogated’ the initial revelations with new ones which espoused jihad in self defense. When he saw the possibilities of bounties of booty in invasions of the infidel, Mohammed  further ‘abrogated’ the revelation of Allah with new revelations that revealed the fullest meaning of jihad in the theology of the sword and 3 possibilities for the infidel (like you and me). In the ‘evolution’ of Mohammedan revelation the infidel had three choices: 1) convert 2) submit in slavery, keeping ones own religion, while paying a slave tax 3) die by the sword.

That is why the Koran has mercy verses right next to ‘kill the infidel’ verses in its ‘holy’ book. But you say, isn’t this true in the Bible also? There is, however, one major difference. The Christian Church views all biblical verses through the lens of the Savior Jesus Christ. God is Love. All Christian violence is sin. Yes! Christians sin nonetheless. But Moslem tradition, through centuries old Moslem theological interpretation sees the violent verses as the true and final stage of the Revelation of Allah. And to kill for the Caliphate, and worldwide Sharia Law, is the action of the heaven bound, wrapped in wine and 70 virgins.

But you’ll never hear that from the mainstream media, the pop culture, academia, or the progressive movement.

Then there’s Mohammed. He lived in a cave, financed by an older woman, receiving revelations which he ‘abrogated’ on a regular basis–even to the point of ‘abrogating’ his sons beautiful wife. This marauder, and merchant of a man made religion, is the inspiration of the world’s greatest organized fascist movement in world history. Radical Islam, or better yet, real Islam, is the leading perpetrator of misogyny, homosexual persecution, attacks on religious freedom, murder, beheadings, terror, robbery, rape, genital mutilation, intimidation, genocide, and war, in the world today.

But poops like the Pope, fools like Obama, and the worldwide progressive mafia (the United Nations) want us to think otherwise. Through their minions in the main stream media,  Hollywood, and the pop culture, Americans are led to believe that Moslems are a peace loving people, with just a few renegade terrorists. They also remind us that if we don’t let them in, in unregulated immigration hordes, we are intolerant. If we push the Christmas agenda we are religious persecutors. If we demand that they assimilate, we are down right haters. And, eventually, if we don’t submit to Sharia Law, we are victim-infidels.

Now that’s pretty much as close as you can get to the new Nazi Fascism. All they need to do is translate the common terror cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ into the old scary ‘Heil Hitler.’

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