Giving Thanks while carving existing turkeys


Thanksgiving, and the larger Advent season, is for giving thanks for what God has done in our personal lives, in our nation, in our world, and all throughout salvation history, in showering us in benevolent grace.

The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, moreover, is symbolized, in a humble way, in the turkey sacrificed for our Thanksgiving celebration–a secular, temporal glimmer of light reflecting the Eucharistic thank offering Jesus gave in himself (for our salvation) to the Father.

A ‘turkey’ can also be a popular phrase used to express a phony, a fraud, or a downright duplicitous person. And God knows we have had more than a few in recent memory. And it is clear to traditional minded people that it is the time and the season to carve these turkeys out of existence once and for all. (In reality, fallen human nature guarantees many more to come).

The first turkey to hit the road is Barack Obama. This gobble-de-gook of radical secularism, anti-Americanism, and insidious socialism is nearing his end. But before he leaves, he is in the process of leaving the country in a racially divided wreck. This is one turkey I’d personally like to prepare for the oven.

Pope Francis is fowl of another sort. Spewing Mercy at every corner, this pseudo-Vicar of Christ, a wolf in Shepherds clothes, stretches and bends and manipulates and nuances the Truth as effectively as any Communist comrade has ever done. Magically, and tragically, this progressive Jesuit has turned adultery into a virtue while turning traditional piety into a vice. Quite a diabolical feat! This turkey will ultimately get his stuffing in the seventh circle of hell.

American liberals, to include cafeteria Catholics, are a gobble or two away from the biblical ‘legion’ of Satan. Through the ‘culture of death,’ the psychobabble of political correctness,  and the madness of multiple radical causes (environmentalism, lgbt, transgender, legalized drugs, illegal immigration, socialism, eugenics, radical secularism, and a blind eye toward Radical Islam), these wild turkeys have pecked away at the American family, our nations Judaeo-Christian foundation, and the Constitution. These turkeys have left more than bird shit on our car roofs. They have left us with the ruins of a fallen America. These turkeys need their ideologies bludgeoned with a very dull blade.

Internationally, turkeys in the United Nations, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, multiple Middle Eastern Islamic nations, and countries south of our border, have been importing poison and wrath into our once great nation. The United Nations has been conspiring with Euro-libs and Barry Obama in an effort to secularize our nation in a radical way. North Korea and Iran have been a steady military threat in a traditional way. While Saudi Arabia and many Middle Eastern Islamic nations have imported Radical Islam and the seeds of Sharia Law. And let’s not forget the willful import of illegal aliens from nations too irresponsible to take care of their own. These turkeys are the dried up leftovers which must be swept into the trash bin of history. Forcefully.

The USCCB, college of cardinals, and the Vatican have been infiltrated by turkey vultures hell bent on destroying our liturgy, our faith, and the greater Catholic Truth. The Cupich’s, Bergoglio’s, and Kasper’s of the world need to Saran wrapped and put in the freezer until they repent of their heresy. Turkey’s of this kind need the hard freeze of excommunication.

Finally, the ultimate Turkey is Satan. The father of all of the above mentioned lies, liars, and ideological by-products. Thanksgiving reveals the remedy for all these putrid poultries. For Christmas is right around the corner. And the Christ beckons us through the Paschal Mystery and the supreme thank offering, in the Eucharist, to the only solution to the dilemma of the father of lies in the practice of genuine Catholic faith…void of any turkey’s manipulation.

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