One down, one to go


Barack Obama’s time is running out.

America, however short it lasts, is taking a necessary break from the domination of liberalism. Hopefully this will allow the American people, and the Trump administration, to rid our society of the malignancy of this pernicious political and social ideology. Through the pseudo-philosophy of relativism, and the strangulating verbiage of political correctness, this cancer has produced ‘the culture of death,’ homosexual mayhem, transgender insanity, the contraceptive mentality, racial division on steroids, and a suicidal acceptance of both illegal (law breaking) immigrants and Radical Moslem terrorists. And let’s not forget about socialism, irresponsible national debt, the climate change industry,  and a mainstream media and pop culture void of ethics and morals.

And Barack Obama is the spearhead of this frontal attack on faith, family, and tradition.

With the national referendum on the Obama Presidency, through the rejection of Hillary Clinton, American’s from coast to coast–if you exclude the left wing loons living primarily on the east and west coast–have  finally said ‘enough is enough!’ Yet, as powerful a statement as the surprising (?) Trump victory is, the liberal scourge is far from over. With 50% of the popular vote representing liberals, primarily from left leaning precincts on the east and west coasts, and 90% of the mainstream media and pop culture spewing daily liberal propaganda, not to mention the majority of college professors teaching progressive puke, we are far from eradicating the cancer from our once, and maybe ‘great again,’ nation.

But getting rid of Barry Hussein is a good first step!

Now on to Catholicism.

Pope Francis is truly a manifestation of the mystery of God and the paradox of the workings of the Holy Spirit. He is also proof that even a Pope can fall to concupiscence from his shared lot in original sin. Pope Progressive, as I personally like to call him, is a walking contradiction. As the Vicar of Christ he is the source of Catholic unity. As Jorge Bergoglio he is an Argentinian liberal who betrays his progressive agenda through his many verbal slips, his infamous chapter eight of ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ and his recent refusal to respond to 4 Catholic Cardinals who want to know where he really stands concerning divorce and the Eucharist,  Communion with Lutherans, and objective morality.

This Pope is clear about his crusade against climate change. He is crystal clear about his desire that Europe and America open their borders to all immigrants. He is crystal clear about ‘mercy.’ But this is where his clarity ends. It ends at the border between liberalism and Tradition. And, sadly, the Pope is south of Tradition.

When it comes to clarity on adultery (divorce) and reception of the Eucharist, Pope Francis is vague and corresponds semi-privately with heretics who purposely take his vagueness to permit sinful reception of the Eucharist. When questioned by traditional, faithful, orthodox Cardinals as to his plain and simple stance on the matter, the Pope is eerily silent. One can see the whole Synod on the Family as a gathering of heretics manipulating Church teaching through the same verbal gymnastics (relativism, political correctness, and emotionalism) as the above mentioned left leaning American political ideologues.

This begs the question: Is there really any difference between the two?

Realistically, we cannot vote the Pope out. After all, this is the Kingdom of Christ, not the democracy of believers. But then again ,the ‘sensus fidelium’ of the faithful can sound loud and clear, like the voices of the prophets and the martyrs (after all, to resist a liberal can be deadly), trumpeting a new reform within the Body of Christ, purging the Papacy and the College of Cardinals, not to forget the Episcopacy (lets’ not let the USCCB off the hook!) of the mortal sin of heresy.

Ultimately, to love Holy Mother Church is not to turn a blind eye to corruption within her. To love Holy Mother Church is to inspire a repentance within, and a renunciation of the current scourge of liberalism within her. We must pray for the Pope, renegade Cardinals, apostate bishops, and liberal priests, religious, and laity.

And, of most importance, we must live the true faith, faithfully!

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