Reconciling the American voter


A voting booth has a lot in common with a confessional. Free will, decision, and consequence all come into play. In the voting booth we get to exercise a true measure of what our ‘faith’ is really made of. In the confessional we get to admit what our failures are really made of. Both places are somewhat private–in the voting booth we are alone with God (if we choose to invite Him in), and in the confessional we are alone with God in the presence of His priest.

But if the American voter is Catholic this heightens the need for Reconciliation (sacramental) with God.

If you are a registered Democrat, and have voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate in the last 24 years or so, you are in dire need of confessing a mortal sin. Regardless of what your liberal parish priest, or ‘spiritual advisor’ tells you, if you voted (more than once?) for abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, legislated transgenderism, and the HHS mandate, you are in big spiritual trouble my friend. No sugar coating from a progressive cleric, religious, or lay Catholic can cover the dung hill you are sitting in, in the excrement of the ‘culture of death,’ liberalism, and the service your vote gave to the diabolical.

But Republican or Independent Catholic voters aren’t off the hook just because their parties either advocate Pro-Life, Pro Traditional Marriage, or Pro Family stances–or, in the case of an ‘Independent,’ they ride the fence and take no blame. For Republicans and Independent voting Catholics are still guilty of both original sin, and the daily sins which are the consequence of concupiscence.

But there is one difference.

Holy, pious Democrat Catholics, those Catholics who go to Church every Sunday, sing in the choir, serve on parish ministries, give food to the poor, and exercise all the pop intangibles of the progressive social warrior, and still vote Democrat, remain in mortal sin even in the midst of ‘tolerance, compassion, kindness, and pop piety.’ The kind, gentle, generous, cafeteria Catholic still stains his or her soul in the mortal sin menu written in political correctness, relativism, and pop morality.

The Catholic Republican, and maybe the Independent, however, even in the midst of a myriad of personal sins, repented of, confessed, and paid for in proper penance, does not carry the burden of the blood of millions of innocent unborn babies, thousands of murdered (euthanized) adults, and the desecration of the Sacrament of Marriage and the true meaning of the male and female gender.

In the end, both need confession. But the sad truth is that the majority of Democrat voting Catholics don’t see the sin in their ‘choice.’ And, to make matters worse, the Pope, and some Cardinals, Bishops, priests, and religious, not to forget an army of lay apostates, help them in their self deception.

It’s time to ring the Church bell loud and clear. It’s time to admit our sinfulness (in the large beam in our eye) while pointing out the mortal splinter in our Democrat voter brother and sister.

If we don’t, Judgment Day will reveal or lack of faith.

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