American Catholics, things can get worse


But now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem.
What will happen to me there I do not know,
except that in one city after another
the Holy Spirit has been warning me
that imprisonment and hardships await me.  Acts 20:17-27

One would think that the Spirit of the God of Love would bring only comfort, since one of the great names for the Holy Spirit is the Comforter. But salvation history, and our own personal history, reveals the Holy Spirit, first and foremost, as the Spirit of Truth; truth often bitterly harsh.

Harsh to the point of Crucifixion. Harsh to the point of a Holocaust. Harsh to the point of two World Wars. Harsh to the point of a continuing American abortion genocide. Harsh to the point of Barack Obama, with all points leading either to Hillary or Donald.

How harsh that will be, time will only tell.

But the same Spirit that led Jesus through the wilderness temptation, after leading Israel through the  desert centuries earlier, led St. Paul to realize that his earthly existence was about to crash with the principalities and ‘powers that be.’

And, as everyday American Catholics, why should we expect any different?

Why should we expect our resurrection to be any different than Jesus’, first going through the Passion?

With Hillary or Donald as President, can we expect the Supreme Court to remain in somewhat of a balance, or should we expect it to swing left and attack our religious freedom, our Judeo-Christian convictions, and our traditional family values? Shouldn’t we expect our nation to continue its slide into Post Christianity in ‘the culture of death,’ political correctness, relativism, the uninformed nature of our youth, and the decadence of the entertainment industry? Should we expect our government to stop growing on its own, along with the national debt? Should we expect the main stream media to all of a sudden find its conscience? Should we expect Radical Islam to miraculously convert en masse? Will transgenderism, euthanasia, illegal immigration, gay ‘marriage,’ and professional racial dividers just ‘poof’ disappear?

Cafeteria Catholicism is slowly being replaced by millennial agnosticism. Uninformed indifference is replacing informed disobedience. Evangelicals have become gospel-of-prosperity sellouts. America’s organized religion has become just another activity along side crossfit, mixed martial arts, legalized marijuana, and weekend barbecue’s.

Economy, money, and more money, drives this election cycle.

Nobody really cares about the Life issues. Nobody really cares about religious freedom, or the 2nd Amendment, or freedom of speech, or the forgotten, and misused, document known as the Constitution. Proof is in Donald over Ted. Proof is in Hillary and Bernie! Proof is in Evangelicals voting for Donald, and Catholics voting for Hillary.

Proof is in the pudding.

And what a scary pudding it is turning out to be.

Scary as revealed by the Spirit of Truth.

Scary as the Passion, but promising Resurrection in obedient faith.

One thought on “American Catholics, things can get worse”

  1. I continue to be shocked and dismayed that so many my fellow Catholics turned way from such a man of intelligence and integrity – a man who defends LIFE and liberty… from Ted Cruz… to support such morally bankrupt individuals as Trump, Clinton & Sanders!


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