The Eucharist and a Jesus-less America


The Eucharist is an open invitation from God to live in the Love of the Holy Trinity. It is the intimacy of Jesus Christ in His burning Love for the Father. It is incarnate in our hearts in the indwelling Holy Spirit. It is communion in the Church, respectful of Jesus’ definition of the greatest commandment, to Love God with all our strength, and to do the same for others.

The Eucharist is a countercultural gift which opens reality in sacramental form. It reveals truth greater than politics, entertainment, consumerism, competitiveness, ownership, power, pleasure, knowledge, and mere temporal experience. It opens the heart, the mind, and the spirit, in scripture, prayer, song, symbol, and the Holy Spirit, in the bread and wine become Body and Blood of Jesus, to a reality in faith, through hope, building in Love, to a revelation of the Divinely Merciful God…and the shocking possibility of a divinely inspired-merciful me.

And then there is the emptiness of our nation.

Jesus-less and sad. Jesus-less and mad. Jesus-less and hell bent on self-destruction.

Abortion-on-demand. Contraception. Gay ‘marriage.’ Homosexuality. Pornography. Organized racial division. Planned Parenthood. Euthanasia. Socialism and entitlements. Legalized marijuana. Radical Islam. Transgenderism. Apathetical agnosticism and militant atheism. Progressivism antithetical to the Constitution. Crooked politics. Corrupt Washington. Deception from the main stream media. Putrid Hollywood. Sanctuary cities. National debt. Rampant inner city crime. Liberal Universities galore. Cafeteria Catholics. Prosperity gospel Evangelicals. Uninformed Millennials. Donald Trump minions. Etcetera, etcetera.

There is so much noise and activity in our nation. So much ambition and anger, competitiveness and strife, desire and demand. There is so much will power and energy, for pleasure, freedom, and knowledge. But there is also a spiritual vacuum set up by a lack of religious faith. There is an emptiness to the public discourse. Gone are the virtues and values of Judeo Christianity…founded on the gospel of Jesus. Replacing them are terms of political correctness, formed in the muck of relativism, borrowed from the failing European experiment. Individualism, indifference, skepticism, New Age spirituality, and Internet ‘knowledge’ fill the starving souls of Americans with the junk food of 21st century postmodern, Post-Christian America.

Our children are among the victims of this insidious crime committed by our generation, and the generation before us, all in the name of ‘inclusiveness and compassion.’ All in the name of a vague guilt over being an ‘affluent American’ and a Judeo Christian. Both of them crimes in the eyes of the liberal.

There is only one cure for this sickness.

It resides in the bread and wine of the Catholic Mass. It resides in the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. In resides in the gospel truth, promoted and protected by Holy Mother Church. It resides in truths transmitted through the Holy Spirit in liturgy, prayer, sacrament, and symbol. It resides in the Love of God come near in the Real Presence of Jesus.

It awaits us every day. It beckons us in Love. It is…He is…our salvation.

And the salvation of our once great nation.

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