Wolves in sheeps cloth


Pope Francis walks on perpetual rose pedals in the presence of many liberal, and uninformed, American Catholics. He is purported to be the Pope of Divine Mercy. He is imagined to be faithful to Catholic Theological Tradition. He is supposedly the Pope for all people.

Donald Trump levitates through the political consciousness of about 35% of supposedly Republican minded voters. He is purported to be the champion of the forgotten, the victorious warrior for American values, the man with all the solutions to what ails our once great nation.

Hillary Clinton prances proudly through the precincts of gender warriors and racial division professionals. She proudly carries the standard for the far left in championing the ‘culture of death,’ ‘women’s reproductive rights,’ and ‘social equality,’ while carrying every ace in the deck otherwise known as the ‘woman’s card.’

But all three of these seeming ‘lambs of god’ hide a wolf beneath!

Pope Francis, in his apostolic exhortation named ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ speaks in marathon paragraphs which hide the revelation of his unfaithfulness to Catholic Theological Tradition and Sacramental teaching.

German Catholic philosopher Robert Spaemann explains:

‘The consequences are already foreseeable: uncertainty and confusion, from the bishops’ conferences to the small parishes in the middle of nowhere. A few days ago, a priest from the Congo expressed to me his perplexity in light of this new papal document and the lack of clear precedents. According to the respective passages from Amoris laetitia, not only remarried divorcés but also everyone living in some certain “irregular situation” could, by further nondescript “mitigating circumstances,” be allowed to confess other sins and receive Communion even without trying to abandon their sexual conduct – that means without confession and conversion.’

In simpler terms, someone living in sexual sin can go to their pastor and explain that their situation is tough and that they want to receive confession for ‘other’ sins, while never repenting of their current sexual sins, never changing them but, nonetheless, being able to receive communion through the forgiveness of those ‘other ‘sins.


Catholics and Evangelicals have given their support to Donald Trump in hopes that he can trade, manage, broker, and bully America back to greatness again. They have, however, forgotten that in giving Donald the keys to the kingdom, they have enshrined a man wholly antithetical to ‘life’ and ‘liberty’ as they understand it through their Christian conscience. Championing the ‘forgotten,’ and in fighting the ‘establishment,’ Donald Trump has set himself up as the greatest fraud since the Jesus-killing Pharisees. For Donald has grown wealthy on the fruit of his investments. And his investments, in significant political contributions to Pro-Choice Democrats and Planned Parenthood, have produced a generation of partially born, fully dead, American martyrs. As the leading candidate of the formerly Pro-Life Republican party, Donald Trump wears red in the blood of millions of viciously destroyed preborn American boys and girls.


Hillary Clinton would sell her soul to the devil. That is, if she had one. Hillary is the most unethical person to ever run for President in American history. She shrugs off four dead Americans in Benghazi, denying responsibility for the delay in their defense, denying the ‘You Tube video’ cover-up. Hillary, in protecting Bill from his Presidential sex fiascos, has ruined many a woman’s life. And her illegal e-mail activity is currently under investigation by the FBI. She is no savior, let alone a saint.


But then again, some Americans can live with a wolf-in chief. Just look at the previous seven plus years. But can you? I know I can’t.

That’s why I pray ever day for a faithful Pope, and a miracle in Cleveland. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll wake up in June to a new Pope and a future President Cruz.

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