The Catholic virtue of saying ‘no’

The Temptation of ChristAry Scheffer, 1854
The Temptation of Christ Ary Scheffer, 1854

The word ‘no’ has been downgraded in a world that sees the word ‘yes’ as the all inclusive word deemed acceptable for the political correctness movement. But Catholicism is ancient enough, with an eternal perspective, Universal in scope,  and finds times and seasons where the word ‘no’ is the most important word for our society.

And that time is now.

‘No’ must be our core message to a society hell bent on perpetuating the culture of death in continuing abortions, continuing federal funding for Planned Parenthood, continued scientific advancement in cloning and other bioethical procedures, and the continued romance with euthanasia.

‘No’ must be our persistent response to a society which has twisted God’s gift of sexuality in institutionalized gay ‘marriage,’ the enabling of transgender confusion, the proliferation of pornography, the easy and accessible divorce industry, and the popularization of promiscuity.

‘No’ must be our vote for the socialism of Bernie Sanders, the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton, and the unethical, disgraceful behavior of Donald Trump. ‘No’ must be our parting gift to Barack Obama and his religious freedom attacking administration. This ‘no’ must extend to Congress, to Gubernatorial  races, and to all positions of civic responsibility.

‘No’ must be our consumer response to Target. This must extend to any, and all, businesses that promote abortion, gay ‘marriage,’ religious persecution, and anything that runs antithetical to Catholic Social Teaching. This certainly means sacrifices for Catholics such as not having that tasty Starbucks Coffee…but God’s Will be done!

‘No’ must be our response to a media that tries, very successfully, absolutely consistently, to pervert the message of Pope Francis. ‘No’ must be our stern warning to any Catholic bishop, priest, pastor, or lay theologian who promotes heresy and apostasy. We must publicly out the apostate and the heretic for their own good. ‘No’ must be our objection to any diocesan catechetical efforts to promote views which oppose Catholic Theological Tradition.

‘No’ must be our stance on illegal immigration, on gun control, on eminent domain, on government entitlements gone wild, on legalized marijuana, on the forcing of Christians to pay for contraception, on Radical Islam, on politically organized racial division, on gender politics, on unfair main stream media propaganda, and on the popular attack on Traditional Christian faith and traditional family values.

‘No’ must be our message to ourselves as we must return to Sunday Mass…and Saturday confession, to Scripture reading and daily prayer, to family meals and freedom from enslaving electronics.

‘No’ must be our primal scream to Satan. We must remain faithful to Holy Mother Church, hope-filled in the Merciful God of surprises, and charitable with our mercy, time, energy, and money.

‘No’ can always become ‘yes’ when society finally listens.

But ‘no’ must remain ‘no’ until then.

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