‘You can’t handle the truth’


‘You can’t handle the truth’ that Donald Trump is a phony. You can’t handle the fact that Donald is an undercover Democrat, hell-bent on the most dramatic power-play in American political history. Evangelicals can’t handle the truth that they voted for a man who is all about what they profess to despise. He promises to raise taxes, to include exception clauses for abortions,  and to allow transgender men to pee in public bathrooms previously reserved for little girls.

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that Hillary Clinton will win this election because of the stupidity of the Donald Trump vote. It was all a rouse devised by the Clintons. But Americans are too stupid, and weak, to vote with their brains, their principles, and their faith. Instead of picking the Constitutional conservative in the bunch–Ted Cruz for those too stupid to understand–they pick the braggadocio billionaire, buffoon, spitting putdowns, threats, curses, and slurs, while promising ‘walls’ and ‘torture’ and ‘great deals.’

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that Bernie Sanders is the most ridiculous Presidential candidate in a very long time. His solutions to economic problems defy math, even that of Common Core. His national defense, international relations, and social issues platform is woefully thin. He is basically Presidential fodder for the Clinton inauguration.

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that Pope Francis is a deficient Pope. He is sweet, well meaning, and seems to be a very holy man. But he is the vaguest communicator in recent Papal history, and has a South American penchant for progressive, socialist viewpoints. He is a danger to orthodoxy precisely because he is too nice, too vague, and too accommodating. We would be better off with a little less holy, more stubborn man as Pope.

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that the main stream media is garbage around election time. Fox News has sold its soul to the Trump campaign. CNN and MSNBC sold their soul to the devil of the Democratic party a long time ago, and assist in the Trump election through plenty of  free advertising, all to get Hillary elected. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR…are all the same.

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that you won’t vote for Ted Cruz because you don’t really care about the Constitution, Judeo Christian values, and proven conservatism. You hide behind Trump’s ‘Lyin Ted’ crap, and the unimportant unpopularity of Ted Cruz in the corrupt, inept Senate.

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that we are a baby killing, transgender enabling, progressive empowering, illegal immigrant welcoming, gun grabbing, Constitution destroying, Post-Christian nation, with an ever wimpified military, and a joke of a Presidency.

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that our ‘millennials’ are soft, spoiled, uninformed, unprepared for life, and lacking in sufficient faith, patriotism or respect for their elders.

‘You can’t handle the truth’ that I’m right since that would mean that you are both wrong and responsible, both being traits unbecoming of narcissistic, elitist 21st century Americans.

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