The marriage alternatives that kill America


There is only one marriage which stands the test of time.

That would be the marriage of Jesus Christ to His Bride the Church.

But, nowadays, there are many competing forms of marriage. And some of them will kill America if they are not rejected, or downright eradicated.

The first malignant American marriage is the wedding of the main stream media, particularly Fox News, with the Donald Trump phenomenon. This is a marriage endorsed from on high. Fox supreme power-monger Roger Ailes has endorsed the selling of the networks collective soul for a chance to ride as ‘first network’ on the Trump Express. This is a marriage of Manhattan elites,  and a whoring of ‘fair and balanced.’ This is the wedding of the former TV safe-place for conservatives, Republicans, and patriotic moderates, with a candidate that is openly Populist-Democrat.

This is a wedding sure to birth a bastard child in plenty of Trumpertantrum coverups, plenty of Trumperblunder patchups, and a divorce when Donald either loses to Hillary or implodes as President.

The second malignant American marriage is the wedding of the American people to Hillary Clinton and the progressive movement. This is a marriage which will continue the sordid affair between Barack Obama and the United States. This marriage, moreover, will continue the carnage of abortion, the heresy of gay ‘marriage,’ the apostasy of covert and insidious socialism, and the devil’s delight in racial division for power and profit.

This is a wedding sure to birth the bastard child, a sibling to an already bastard child, of the ‘culture of death,’ the culture of relativism, the culture of political correctness, and the American culture in steady decline.

The third malignant American marriage is the marriage of American Christianity, particularly American Catholicism, with the pseudo-theology of compromise. Trumpeted by the corrupters of the ambiguous words and letters of Pope Francis, this marriage is the result of a timid USCCB, a largely café Catholic American body, and a Christian America hungry for the un-Catholic gospel of prosperity. This is a wedding feast for the divorcee Eucharist, for Catholic gay ‘marriage,’ for the absurdity of Pro-Choice Christianity, for Christian socialism, for the naivete of Christian amnesty, and the pure democracy of café Catholicism and monetary Evangelicalism.

This is a wedding sure to birth the bastard child of a fully devolved Post Christian America.

The fourth malignant American wedding is the most obvious. The wedding of two or more homosexual persons. The wedding of two or more persons. Or the remarriage of the divorced. In other words, ‘marriages’ that are not Holy Matrimony.

Rationalize all you want, but the downfall of America began when we, as a Judeo-Christian people, began to take God’s Truth’ for granted.

And this is to include Holy Matrimony.

There are many weddings in America today. But only those weddings deemed Holy in the sight of God will birth children of justice, compassion, virtue, and a bright American future.

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