Pope Francis and Donald Trump: Inauthentic


It hurts me to discuss Pope Francis.

It angers me to even think of Donald Trump.

It saddens me when I see the confusion, manipulation, and downright treachery performed by café Catholics, and anti-Catholic anarchists, in the use and misuse of Pope Francis’ written and spoken words.

It disgusts me to see millions of New Yorkers, on purpose, misread the real meaning of Ted Cruz’s ‘New York values’ comment. It also disgusts me to see Fox News become a prostitute for Donald Trump, manipulating millions of angry, uninformed, and not too bright minions.

It saddens me that Pope Francis’ new Apostolic exhortation, ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ is longer than the Bible, and more confusing than the current tax code. It also saddens me that many reputable, Traditional theologians, bishops, priests, and cardinals have voiced concerns over its ambiguity and its seeming invitation for divorced and remarried Catholics  to receive the Eucharist ‘worthily.’

It disgusts me that a shallow, phony, disguised limousine liberal like Donald Trump has been riding the wave of vulgarities, threats, lies, rants, putdowns, and empty promises to a (somewhat precarious) lead in the Presidential race. It disgusts me that our nation is so stupid that it buys into the lie known as Donald J. Trump.

It saddens me, and embarrasses me, when Pope Francis authenticates ‘climate change,’ puts images of monkeys on St. Peters Square, advocates for dangerous Syrian rebels, promulgates a ‘Synod on the Family’ riddled with progressive lies, and communicates on a regular basis in a vague manner, perpetuating progressive lies in the ambiguity of his thought.


It angers me when Donald Trump apes a conservative. It pisses me off when Donald gets 24/7 access, via the telephone, to all the major news services. It drives me mad when he makes speeches to adoring crowds, saying nothing new, nothing enlightening or intellectually stimulating, and everything insulting, vulgar and degrading. It miffs me that so many people are mesmerized by this orange faced buffoon.

It saddens me that Pope Francis is the latest, greatest hope for the American café Catholic. It saddens me that hipster Catholics (like the buffoons at Awestruck.tv) venerate the Pope to the point of idolatry. It scares me that Pope Francis is the Papal symbol for illegal immigration, amnesty, radical feminism, radical homosexuality, and socialism.

It perturbs me that Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz a liar. The proverbial pot calling the kettle black! Where are your tax returns Donald? Where is the New York Times manuscript, or recording, where you are accused of telling the NYT that all of your promises are just hot air? Just how much money have you given to Hillary and Planned Parenthood over the years?

It saddens me that Pope Francis is protected by a buffer of main stream media, and naïve, quasi-idolatrous café Catholics.

It angers me that Donald Trump is protected by Fox News and an army of dopey, angry zombies.

I love my Catholic faith and pray every day for a Pope like Cardinal Sarah.

I love my country and have already voted for Ted Cruz.

I pray for authenticity in both.

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