It is our Christian duty to work for ‘NeverTrump’


Donald Trump is the new anti-Christ. He is the new Caesar, ready to unleash the lions on the Christians. He is Stalin, Hitler, and Mao wrapped in one Gucci suit, topped with a bad hairdo, spray tanned to orange imperfection.

He is anathema to everything spoken of in the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. He is anathema to the Suffering Servant. He is the total antagonistic spirit of Pope Francis. He is a lifelong partial birth abortion advocate. He is a current supporter of Planned Parenthood. He glories in his divorces, his remarriages, and his sexual escapades. He is the antithesis of the ‘Theology of the Body.’

Trump is the master of vice. He is proud, loud, rude, lewd, greedy, forceful, unethical, fallacious, conniving, and selfish. He is the anti-apostle. Recently he revealed that his favorite bible verse is ‘an eye for an eye.’ He is, therefore, the antithesis of the Sermon on the Mount.

He mocked Pope Francis. He mocked a handicapped journalist. He mocked a woman’s looks. He spoke of his penis on national television. He incited violence before a very large crowd. He endorsed torture. He has practiced eminent domain.

He has skeletons in his closet in which he will not repent. He has already stated that he has never felt the need to ask God for forgiveness. He has no sense of guilt or contrition.  He is largely a product of the media. He has bankruptcies. He has ties to organized crime. He won’t reveal his tax returns. He won’t reveal his interview with the New York Times where it is purported that he said that all of his campaign promises are just that, empty promises just to get elected.

Donald doesn’t care about the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment, or any Amendment. Donald is so poorly informed on the Right-to-Life issues that it is painfully embarrassing to watch him respond to such questions. Donald is the most poorly prepared Presidential candidate, as witnessed by his humiliating losses in the Colorado delegate race.

But Donald is in the lead. And Donald has a legion of unswerving, worshipping minions. And Donald has Fox News as his bride. Donald also has 24/7 access to the Manhattan main stream media, all wed to the idea of him winning so that he can lose to Hillary.

Real Catholics and Christians, therefore, are called to do everything in their power to Incarnate the reality of NeverTrump! 

A vote for Donald is a vote for pure evil. A vote for Donald is a vote for Hillary. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Donald. They are, after all, the flip side of the same coin. Don’t listen to the Trump blather. He spent a lifetime wining and dining, and financing, the Clintons. He went on national television and pronounced his ‘New York values’ in defending gay ‘marriage,’ abortion, and socialistic medicine.

Catholics must vote for anyone not named Trump. They most certainly must vote for either Ted Cruz or John Kasich. Cruz being the most Catholic-Christian friendly candidate to date. But, God forbid, if Trump gets the Republican nomination, Catholic-Christians must stay home on election day…and prepare for the revolution to come.

The revolution of the revival of Judeo-Christian values in America.

And it will most certainly take place in the new-Roman-style-persecutions at the hands of the new Caesar named Donald or Hillary.

Today, I declare war, a Catholic-Christian Crusade against the powers that be that have enslaved us with Barack Obama, and will continue to enslave us with either Hillary or Donald.

I call for an all out Crusade.

A crusade of prayer, sacrament, a crusading return to Church on Sunday and the bible everyday; a return to the holy Magisterium of Holy Mother Church. A return to countercultural voting, protesting, picketing; a return to boycotting, denouncing, and public displays of non-violent public disobedience.

NeverTrump must be as strong as NeverSatan! NeverHillary must be synonymous with NeverTrump. And it must start with a NEVER VOTE for Donald this fall.

P.S. Maybe a vote for Cruz might be the first crusade act. Just saying…


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