Popes and Presidents, propaganda and perseverence

Mar 10, 1987; Miami, FL, USA; (L-R) Pope JOHN PAUL II, President RONALD REAGAN and First Lady NANCY REAGAN during the Pope's visit to Miami, Florida..(Credit Image: © Arthur Grace/ZUMAPRESS.com) (Newscom TagID: zumaamericasseven773643.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Chinese water torture seems to be the technique of the day.

Every day the media drips the inevitability of a Trump versus Hillary Presidential race like a subtle, psychological, subliminal message, meant to  erode free will and personal choice in the overwhelming pressure to follow the drum beat of the rich, powerful, influential, corporate, special interest dominant society.  It doesn’t matter that Hillary is the most untrustworthy candidate in eons,  or that Donald Trump is hated by more people than the plague.

What matters is that the powers that be have decided long ago that this is the way that it would be.

Similarly, through two Synods on the Family, liberal Catholics, like a malignant cancer, have been planting the seeds for major change within the Church. Long ago the Trojan Horse entered Holy Mother Church through the liberal scourge which perpetually seeks to conform the Church to the world. Cardinal Walter Kasper and his legion of liberal goons has succeeded in, first, electing a gullible, soft,  quasi-liberal Pope in Francis and, secondly, to have him subtly, and probably unwittingly, unleash un-Catholic, non-Traditional changes to the faith through the perpetual vagueness of Pope Francis, manifested powerfully in his new Apostolic Exhortation ‘Amoris Laetitia.’

Divorce, remarriage, and the Eucharist are now within the devil’s grasp.

America, under the ‘leadership’ of either Hillary or Donald, is headed for a collision course with fate. Our luck is running out. Like the Roman Empire, we can handle only so much decadence before we crumble from within. With the brick and mortar of our society crumbling, do you think that either Hillary or Donald is the right choice?  Or, is the word ‘choice’ a hint of the kind of lack of compassion, or the lack of mercy, faith, and justice which our nation currently suffers under?

Likewise, American café Catholics cherish the idea of a Church like all the other churches. Like the Israelites worship of the golden calf, American café Catholics dream of a contraceptive Catholicism, a Pro-Choice Catholicism, a ‘gay’ friendly Catholicism, a Catholicism which embraces socialism and Sanctuary cities, a Catholicism which has married priests of both genders, and trans-genders, and a Catholic Church which welcomes very worldly people, publicly exercising very worldly sins, into the Communion of the Lord.

Constitutional conservatives, and Traditional Catholics, persevere against the daily bombardment of the Chinese water torture of the main stream media, popular culture, and the overwhelming herd of café heretics. But our numbers are dwindling. For so many of our former ranks have run to ‘the dark side’ seeking the comfort and consolation of public acceptance and immediate gratification in accepting the spoon-fed poison of lies.

Sadly, the days of JPII and Reagan are long gone. Days when people appreciated integrity and truth. Now they suck on the lemons of used car dealers and the drips of water which flows down from the daily propaganda machine.

Ultimately, America deserves what it gets.

But it still doesn’t have to be this way.

But then again, it won’t change unless a few good people decide enough is enough. Unless a revolution begins real soon.

I’m ready. Are you?

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