The Trump alphabet


A-Arrogant, ‘Art of the Deal’

B-Bloviating, Bankruptcy, Billionaire

C-Charismatic (For those inclined to like slapstick), Clinton chum, Crybaby

D-Disturbing, Divorced, Democrat

E-Enigmatic, Eminent Domain

F-Fallacious, Flip-flopper, Fox News Fixture

G-Gargantuan, Gay Marriage Supporter

H-Hyperbolic, Hannity’s Hubby, Hair Spray Hercules

I-Indignatious (Righteous is another matter), Inciter (of violence)


K-‘Ka-Pow’ (Nuclear potential!)

L-Licentious, Limousine Liberal

M-Misogynistic, Mexican Wall

N-Nasty, No Tax Returns, Narcissistic, NATO crusher

O-Opinionated, Omniscient, Omnipotent

P-Pugnacious, Partial Birth Abortion, Populist, Palestinian sympathizer


R-Revolutionary, Reality TV persona, Racist?

S-Simple, Slanderer, Spray Tan, Socialized Medicine

T-Tenacious, Trump University, Torture, Trader Extraordinaire



W-Warlike, Womanizer

X-Xenophobic, X-Rated debater

Y-Yellow (reference to spray tan)

Z-Zookeeper (If you consider his minions)

Any more suggestions?



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