Spoiled, relativist exegesis, etymology, and interpretation


We live in a sick society.

No longer is truth, truth. No longer is tried and true tradition trusted and treated with respect. We live in an individualistic, relativistic, spoiled, uninformed, irrational era, where power and popularity and style TRUMP reality, sanity, integrity and what natural law reveals as normal.

What has become of this is confused men in women’s restrooms, a confused President who treats allies as enemies and enemies as allies, café Catholics who try to be good pagans, economic Evangelicals who try to be good Trumpsters, illegal immigrants who get better treatment than legal citizens, and unborn Americans torn asunder through federal funding.

And this all starts through faulty word interpretation.


Spoiled, relativistic exegesis has gotten us into a Post-Christian America. Bible Scholars, a fancy term for well educated atheists who are bible vultures, have been groomed, trained, brainwashed, coerced, manipulated, and lied to by ‘theology’ professors for years until they have created a ‘Legion’ of unfaithful, non-Traditional, anti-Magisterial, cookie cutter, ahistorical, ‘historical critics.’ Subsequently, Jesus is dead, and so is his moral teaching. Nietzsche would be rolling for joy in his grave if he were to get a gist of the hot air coming from these heretics. Thankfully the Papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI have reversed much of this colossal damage.

And then there’s Pope Francis.

With his newly minted Apostolic Exhortation, ‘Amoris Laetitia,’Francis has defended, faithfully, traditionally, and eloquently, the Church’s perennial teaching on marriage, heterosexuality, family, and the proper reception of the Eucharist. But the same rabble which has spawned so much atheistic exegesis has already preemptively struck again. Knowing full well that most Catholics won’t even read the document, the rabble have already misinterpreted the Pope to open the door to a slew of heresies.

Believer beware.

Read the document, twice if you have to. Pray. And read the comments of faithful bishops and theologians, concerning this important faith piece.

But don’t believe the hype.

Pope Francis has been faithful to the Truth.


The rules for accruing delegates in each and every state were well known to every Presidential candidate from the start, or so we thought. Ted Cruz certainly knew them! And Colorado is another example why Donald Trump cannot be President of the United States of America. First of all, he is an organizational mess. If he doesn’t micromanage it himself, he cannot get it done. Furthermore, he doesn’t bother to find out all the rules. And if someone else knows the rules, and beats Donald in competition, Donald cries like a 2 year old baby with a crap filled diaper.

Rules are rules for realists like Ted Cruz.

Existing rules that get in the way, however, or haven’t been absorbed by the orange man’s brain, ultimately revealing what a buffoon he really is, are to be bitched about, torn down like a psycho French Revolutionist on steroids, and reinterpreted through the force of power which comes from being rich, famous, and loud. When rules, made of words, are inconvenient, the spoiled, relativistic power-monger tears them to shreds in the threshing machine of popular perception.

Rules, convention, tradition, norms, tenets…these are all fodder for the make-it-up-as-you-go-totalitarian.


Finally, the greatest tragedy is the false interpretation of what a human person really means. Unborn human persons, little boys and little girls, innocent, beautiful, children of God, and citizens of this nation, are killed by the simple process of definition. They are killed as globs of tissue, as preborn matter, as fetal non-beings. They are first killed by self-serving, selfish, self-absorbed, hateful, ignorant, and cruel ideals which place personal comfort and social conformity over compassion, justice and truth.

Words misused destroy faith, destroying nations.

Words manipulated, create dictatorships.

Words hijacked, kill the  innocent.

Think about it.

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