Short-term solution to the transgender bathroom problem


Our salvation has been earned by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

This is no excuse to let the world and the devil kick our ass!

Yes, we must work, through much personal sacrifice, for the Will of God in the world, in peace, justice, and charity. But in the short term we might just have to toss a few temple tables and bloody a few noses in the process.

For history has taught us time and again that good men, and women, who do nothing in the face of evil, are good for nothing.

Short term solutions, however drastic, are called for.

Situation #1: While we pray, vote, pray again, advocate, argue, debate, and plead for sanity in an insane society, while society tries to reinvent natural law, common sense, and the meaning of Divine Revelation concerning gender identity, it might be time for an effective, simple, yet gutsy solution to the restroom invasion of the transgender person.

Let me give you an example.

If my wife or daughter were to enter a public restroom, the ladies room, and if an obvious male gendered human person, even if clad in women’s apparel, were to enter after them, I would be alarmed to say the least. As far as I am concerned, he better be experiencing a personal emergency , or have a developmental disability as an excuse. If not, he is going out of the ladies room on his ass!

Situation #2: We can argue and debate and plead all we want with the liberals in charge. But until we elect a (genuine, true, real, and non-Trump) conservative, expect an influx of Syrian refugees into America, with the increased possibility of Isis terrorism. You can choose to be a sheep, relying on the police, and, excuse me while I laugh, the government, to protect you. Or you can be a family-loving-wolf for Christ and exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and send any terrorist to the 70 hairy legged virgins promised to them by Allah. You can trust your Senator, Congressman, or, gasp, the President. Or you can trust your God given rights, your own aim, and Smith-and-Wesson.

Situation #3: We can be fat and lazy and rely on the main stream media to inform us of our choices this election season. We can watch the alphabet soup of news services which adore and worship Hillary Clinton, or we can watch the Trump Propaganda Service, otherwise know as Fox News. Then again, we can put in a little bit of research and find out the truth of the matter. With a little effort we can identify the socialist, the criminal, the populist-phony, and the conservative. But that’s only if we identify the need to get off of our fat asses and get it right for once. Or, that’s only if we don’t actually want socialism, criminality, phony-populism, instead of conservatism, the Constitution, and a little bit of Judeo-Christianity.

Don’t expect an apology from me for sounding a bit un-Christian. After all, I don’t expect an apology from you (café Catholic/fiscal evangelical/Rhino Republican/ lukewarm moderate/ lazy, uninformed American, etc.) for all the B.S. you voted for in the past that put us in this situation in the first place.

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