‘New Yawk values’ for dummies


When Ted Cruz spoke of ‘New York values,’ he wasn’t criticizing the average New Yorker, or the brave 9/11 rescuers, as insinuated by Donald Tricky Trump. As a native New Yorker, and as a Constitutional conservative/Traditional Catholic, I know exactly what Ted Cruz meant.

Ted Cruz wasn’t criticizing John and Jane Citizen, living on Long Island, upstate New York, or in the five boroughs, working hard to make a living and support their families. Furthermore, contrary to the distortions of the orange faced exaggeration machine otherwise known as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz wasn’t criticizing the brave members of the NYPD, NYFD, and NY EMS.

He was criticizing limousine liberals like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Let me tell you about these limousine liberals.

They hobnob in the finest restaurants, cohort together in the same Broadway plays, and avoid the same mass of average humanity through armed and guarded protection and the longest of stretch limousines.

But what makes these elitists most offensive to American values is what these rich and powerful elitists push on the rest of us. ‘New York values’ begin with the assumption that the Manhattan elite know better than the hordes of uninformed, uneducated, unenlightened dummies in the rest of the country. For the Manhattan elitist, it is their duty to educate America, through the mainstream media, magazines, newspapers, online publications, and through the pop and art culture, of the pleasures and advantages of ‘New York values.’

‘New York values’ begin with secularism.

This necessitates the eradication of religion, this necessitates the eugenics movement, otherwise known as ‘women’s reproductive rights,’ the inclusiveness of gay ‘marriage,’ the removal of the 2nd Amendment, socialism–especially in health care– government controlled education,  Sanctuary cities, increased illegal immigration, and ‘the preferential option’ for the radical, enraged minority group.

‘New York values’ continue with a ‘win at all costs’ mentality.

‘New York values’ are reflected in the illegal, unethical activities of the Clintons, to include the financial activities of the Clinton Foundation. It includes the thousands of dollars donated to these people, and their funds and causes, by Donald Trump. It includes Donald Trumps activities otherwise known as ’eminent domain’ and his Trump University fiasco. It continues through Hillary’s Benghazi tragedy and her top secret e-mail fiasco. It is incarnate in Donald Trump’s classless, ruthless campaign for dictator-in-chief. It is manifest in the socialist, micromanaging, freedom killing Mayoral career of Bill de Blasio. It is also manifest in the demagoguery and Demo-totalitarian style of Governor Cuomo.

Finally, ‘New York values’ are built on prejudice and hatred.

Personally I have experienced the hatred and prejudice of ‘New York values.’ In the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and in Manhattan you will find many good and decent people. But you will also find the most racist, militant, angry, and ugly human beings, to include many minority groups, and ‘special interest’ groups, in the world. The Al Sharpton’s and the Louis Farrakhan’s of the world, not to mention angry Puerto Ricans, homosexuals, radical feminists, Catholic haters, and anarchist-socialists, all come to the big city to hobnob in the vile, demonic hatred of the liberal-progressive agenda.

You have to wonder what sort of place gives birth to a Hillary and a Donald. You have to wonder what sort of place elects a De Blasio and a Cuomo. You have to wonder what sort of place turns their back on the NYPD, preferring the rights of criminals. You have to wonder about a place that exports the culture of death, and the values antithetical to traditional family values. You have to wonder about a place that robs citizens of their Constitutional rights.

And you have to consider what Ted Cruz is saying.

Or, you can play the game of the main stream media and think that a good, decent, Judeo-Christian conservative is picking on poor, victimized Donald Trump and his poor, picked-on limousine liberals.

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