Cruz vs. Trump: consider ‘light’ vs. ‘darkness’


Now, before we start to consider the situation, both Trump and Cruz supporters are sinners in need of a Savior. But there are distinctions we can make about Cruz and Trump, and their supporters, concerning the biblical ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ mentioned in the gospel of John.

And this is the verdict,
that the light came into the world,
but people preferred darkness to light,
because their works were evil.

From John 3:16-21

Concerning ‘light,’ Cruz supporters tend to espouse principles and tenets over rhetoric and anger. Cruz supporters tend to esteem the Constitution and Judeo-Christian tenets. Cruz supporters tend to be Pro-Life and prefer dialogue, debate, and democracy over rhetoric, threats and bullying. Cruz supporters tend toward the ‘light’ of traditional family values, Christian religion, and a traditional interpretation of the Constitution. Cruz supporters tend to ignore pop trends, pop polls, and the main stream media, seeking, rather, the views of the founding fathers, life long patriots, persistently faithful Popes and pastors, and our nations founding principles as their guiding ‘light.’

On the flip side, Trump supporters tend toward ‘darkness.’ Including many self-proclaimed Evangelicals, to include famous pastors (and let’s not forget influential café Catholics like Laura Ingraham), Trump supporters purposefully deprioritize the Life issue since Donald Trump has been Pro-Choice his whole life, currently praises Planned Parenthood for ‘doing many good things for women,’ and is woefully unenlightened on the whole abortion topic, reflecting a sad disinterest. To make matters worse, Trump supporters embrace the ‘darkness’ of a candidate who threatens torture, the murder of innocents associated with terrorists through family ties, and practices misogyny, xenophobia, racism, and bigotry on a daily basis. This willful embrace of ‘darkness’ includes accepting Donald Trump’s frequent incitement of violence, his unflattering putdown of competitors, threats toward anyone who he feels impedes his political progress, and insinuations, exaggerations, and lies.

Trump ‘darkness’ hides from the ‘light’ of debate. Trump ‘darkness’ is embarrassingly exposed during tough, thorough interviews. Trump ‘darkness’ is exposed whenever Donald J. Trump fails, or is put in a precarious position, where he responds via Twitter, or in front of a microphone, with cursing, threats, putdowns, and slander.

Cruz ‘light’ is always ready for a debate, always prepared for an interview, however tough, and responds with class and dignity when opposed, or placed in a precarious position.

Likewise, people who are attracted by the ‘darkness’ tend toward the ‘darkness.’ Have you noticed violence at any rallies other than Trumps? And the people of the ‘light’ tend toward the ‘light.’

The real question is: what will America choose this election cycle, ‘darkness’ or ‘light?’

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