Please, not another false Messiah


‘God is dead’ says the Nietzsche-spirit of the quasi-Post-Christian America.  Quasi-Post-Christian because Americans are too lazy to do anything fully anymore, to include quitting Christianity, and because Americans are too cowardly to exit the bunker of their comfy pop-conformity lifestyle and face the reality of life with the Cross, which demands both sacrifice and responsibility. Therefore, in their quasi-existence they have set up a vacuum created by their cafeteria Christianity, a vacuum they strive to fill with the newest Messiah of the year!

It all started with the christening of Barack Hussein Obama. Needing to fulfill their pathetic progressive angst, the American idolaters elected a half-black, half white, black man to symbolize their inclusiveness, their social progress, and their personal evolution. They set him up as the rhetorical-teleprompter-Messiah in Chief. They ignored his appreciation for partial birth abortion, socialism, social anarchy, and his ties to known domestic terrorists. They worshipped him, twice, all the way to the White House.

Economically, socially, internationally, and spiritually, America has been weakened.

Flocks of young Americans, spoiled, impressionable, naïve, and soft from dysfunctional parenting due to sick progressive social influence, have nurtured an idolatry base which seeks for the salvation of socialism. Enter Bernie Sanders. No longer happy with the old fashioned Judeo-Christian tenet of working for a living, this new generation of spoiled, snot nosed brats, seeks for the religion of free stuff.

And Bernie is the Incarnation of Santa Messiah!

Women, stuck in the 70’s, still singing ‘I am woman’ with Helen Reddy, with a bunch of elderly, and manly looking, apostate Catholic nuns, bang the primal drums of radical feminism with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Joining the crowd are every minority group with an axe to grind to include radical homosexuals, Blacks Lives Matter (more than anybody else’s!), illegal immigrants who don’t want to follow the law, and Moslems who seek Sharia Law instead of accepting the Constitution. In effect, Hillary Clinton is the Messiah for anyone who feels disenfranchised, and seeks social revolution, the French style,  as the answer.

Then there is the King of kings, and Lord of Lords, Donald J. Trump. Angry? You have the Christ of spitting anger! Seeking an answer to our economy? You have the ruthless billionaire, the Artist ‘of the deal.’ On the prejudice side? You have a supreme misogynist, racist, bigot, xenophobe, and Don Rickles extraordinaire. You want to take justice into your own hands? You have the Inciter in Chief!

Donald J. Trump is the god of the grotesque, the king of the kill, the lord of the lunatic!

Meanwhile, back on the outskirts of LoonyVille, where the sane remnant live, all of these pop-Messiah’s are perceived for the sham that they really are. Traditional Catholics, Evangelicals who actually believe the gospel, and Constitutional conservatives, bang their heads against the proverbial wall, daily, when witnessing their brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, formerly intelligent people, falling prey to the idolatry of the Messiah of the year.

As America crumbles, and Messiah’s spout false promises, the duped herd worships with the look of the ‘children of the corn.’

And the sane remnant pray for salvation from the One True Messiah.

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