What if we made believe integrity counted?


America is going through an integrity crisis.

Americans claim that they live in the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave,’ but how free are we when one of our top five Presidential candidates is a socialist? And how brave are we when the top candidates currently leading in both parties are either currently for, or spent a lifetime supporting, the murder of unborn babies?

Integrity is not breeding a new generation of socialists.

The Bernie Sanders phenomenon illustrates the lack of integrity in our society. How can we breed such ignorance of history, and intellectual apathy, within our University systems? Eventually we have to blame the parents for allowing this to happen by sending their kids to such sewer schools in the first place. Blaming college professors for what parents should not allow in the first place is a lack of integrity spelled in laziness.

Integrity, moreover, is not playing ‘Catholic’ or ‘Evangelical’ with the Life issue during a general election.

Barack Obama was an out and out partial birth abortion proponent. That didn’t stop millions of café Catholics from voting for him twice. Hillary Clinton is a bird of the same feather. Sadly, I don’t see café Catholics steering clear of Hillary in 2016.

Evangelicals, by the boat load, have deprioritized Judeo-Christian values this election cycle and have overwhelmingly voted for Donald J. Trump. This is the very same Donald J. Trump who spent a lifetime supporting partial birth abortion before his recent ‘conservative epiphany.’ But if it ‘walks like a duck and quacks like a duck’ and, quite recently, credits Planned Parenthood with ‘doing many good things for women,’ it is probably still a ‘duck’ that is sympathetic with the Pro-Choice movement.

‘God bless America’ rings empty with the recent Supreme Court decision for gay ‘marriage.’ It rings equally empty when Barack Obama, through his socialized medicine mandate, tries to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for contraception. America is becoming a Godless nation. What sort of God could we worship and have Hillary and Donald as our leading Presidential candidates? What sort of God could we worship when we protect illegal aliens, radical Moslems, and radical homosexuals, while simultaneously harassing the Constitutional rights of American citizens?

America is losing its grip on its foundation as a Constitutional Republic, based on Judeo-Christian tenets. For now it is slipping down the abyss of a self styled pure Democracy based on the empty values of a purely secularist state.

And in this state, integrity is not a valuable commodity.

But what if we made one last ditch effort to maintain our grasp on integrity? What if we actually elected the Constitutional conservative? What if we actually filled the House and the Senate with men and women who actually believed in the Constitution, the free market, and the value of Judeo-Christian values in our society?

What if?

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